Coronavirus In America

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Coronavirus In America

Dr. Oz speaks to Jarred Evans, an athlete who was in Wuhan during the time of the coronavirus outbreak. Evans is now quarantined and discusses what the experience has been like.

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  • Minister Bo says:

    ? Interesting …..

  • Malcolm says:

    Jeez, when was this aired? This is already so outdated on the day it was posted.

  • Gayle Mora says:

    Dr Oz can you get the virus on packages coming from China?

  • Umbrella Corporation says:

    When was this filmed?? It’s now over double these numbers. As of right now Feb 9 it’s at 40,550 infected and 910 dead.

  • Jenna X says:

    Old news Doc !!! The people have been blinded by the truth in secrecy! Look at Dr Li who is dead now and tried to warn the world 🌎! Stick to cardiology not infectious Disease and Epidemiology!

  • Angelina Parodi says:

    Stop all shipments coming from China!! PERIOD….

  • Gary Shields says:

    A video said, the virus lives for 9 days on a surface! Normal is 4 days. It’s active for 14 days Before symptoms show. You’re contagious during that time. It can infect you through the eye’s. The virus is 1 micron think where as a bacteria is 3 microns. The mask doesn’t guarentee you are safe. You may not show symptoms and suddenly drop overt and die in under a minute. The legs shake and kick for some reason at Death.

  • Cowboy15chopper says:

    Over 50,000 cases and over 800 deaths !!! And that’s just what they’re telling us about !!

  • michael fernandez says:

    Dr. Berg is correct!

  • Aaron donald is the best DT in the nfl says:

    Thanks china ;/

  • Julie Lovestrees says:

    Doctor 38, Philippines near 40….

  • Julie Lovestrees says:

    Antigens for fighting it aren’t there yet to show positive

  • Tonya says:

    He said the people in groups are wearing masks, BUT no one in the outdoor clip was wearing a mask!!! They straight lie to our faces….that’s how dumb they think people are, abs they are right!! SMH

  • Mickael Williams says:

    its the chicom woo hoo fuku flu…EAT IT OZ DO YOU BELIVE THOSE NUMBERS.

  • yks world says:

    Guess the media is powerful don’t believe everything u read or see

  • D says:

    Thanks for adding to the fear mongering Dr. Oz 🤷🏽‍♂️😑

  • D says:

    I’ve never gotten a flu shot and don’t plan to start.

  • Brigette Zemitis says:

    Corona virus is classified airborne now

  • Alina America says:

    God I’m glad he is bringing attention to this

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