Coronavirus: Dispelling the Myths

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Coronavirus: Dispelling the Myths

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  • Z3R0 says:

    Go get pneumonia vaccines asap. Buy some oil of oregano, olive leaf, garlic, and Emergen-C. Use for 10-14 days at most. You’ll need a good probiotic and healthy diet to reset your gut after this treatment. Avoid any Product of China™ till this gets under control. Global travel hubs like LA, NYC, and Chicago will be hit the hardest. Avoid these cities if you can and stay away from airports or national border towns. Good luck. This plague is just getting started.

  • Galina says:

    US junk food and big pharma kill each year more people than this virus. Doctors killed my mother with Cipro. And when its not Cipro its opiods or statin drugs or tainted vaccines.

  • North of the Rio Grande says:

    Who has patents on the virus? Its public information. One of Bill Gates companies and the cdc.

  • Juli Brown says:

    So confused

  • Richard M says:

    A video propagating lies and propaganda of its own – false governments statistics, nobody is saying antibiotics cure this virus, you don’t know how deadly it is, you don’t know how it affects different races or sexes or age groups yet. Stick to sticking your face in cold water as an anti-aging therapy for your next show

  • latonya green-warner says:

    I feel so bad for the people who are being told to get rid of their cats and dogs. Some pet owners in China are being forced to ‘ get rid’ of their animals.
    That’s bu!!$hit.

  • Brendan Nunns says:

    I wish It said what helps it

  • Bella alloush says:

    By the way not all Chinese have Coronavirus😐

  • I'm Your #1 Fan Baconfatt says:

    Finally dr.oz releases a coronavirus video!.. I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks dr.oz 💖

  • flyinglikeeaglet says:

    Thanks Dr. Oz, I’ve been waiting for this video 👍 there are so many false news regarding this virus!!

  • Sartika D says:


  • Eoin Kelleher says:

    As this is such a popular and creditable channel, now we have the myths out of the way. How about some facts and useful ways to stop it please?

  • Black Bull says:

    No one was discussing myths of the virus. This is probably a video trying to eliminate what could possibly help dispel the virus in your system. Nothing has been proven, so nothing can be ruled out. It is irresponsible to put out such a video when there have been no solutions to replace the “myths”

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