Corey Feldman Reveals the Name of an Alleged Abuser

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

In an exclusive video with Dr. Oz, Corey Feldman reveals that Alphy Hoffman allegedly sexually abused him when he was a minor.

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  • Kayciaz World says:

    This is so sickening. I really hate that he’s had to carry this with him throughout his entire life. The sick bastards of Hollywood go and destroy these innocent kids and go on with life ruining others, while they are left to pick up the pieces. God bless you Corey, you’re helping so many people right now.

    • Jon BERTOCCHI says:

      I remember this kid had a little cult as well. Coreys angels….

    • Natasha Coles says:

      Ghetto Wizard what !? I’m glad to hear there are ones that speak out. We need to know the truth as equal human beings. Yet they are not real humans as they are demons and what ever else they can do.

    • Natasha Coles says:

      T Anderson hence his name is “Trump” like trumpet. 🀷

    • Natasha Coles says:

      Tamra Adnan because they will kill you like they did to Paul walker. Paul used to donate alot and cane across a sex traffic founded by the elites. Then he ended up in a weird car accident.

    • Dong Longslapum says:

      @My Name is Gladiator Theres no way they would do that, LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s are in bed with them, literally, the Hollywood Machine would destroy any LEO or group of LEOs who went against them. Period, they would disappear from the planet earth.

  • Victory Richards says:

    when i was 12 years old I was lucky enough to meet Mr Corey feldman at a book store and he was so kind to me and yet seemed very troubled like an inner turmoil had taken over. I gave him a big hug and thanked him for taking just a moment to brighten my day and he said something that I will never forget. ” be strong no matter who tries to take you down in life” Love you corey!

  • Sebastian P says:

    Corey clearly wasn’t prepared for the name to come out yet, its something he has relentlessly tried to prevent because his life is at risk and this t.v. presenter took that decision upon himself, out of order! This guy don’t care bout Corey he only cares about ratings

  • yada yada says:

    Dr. Oz is a jerk. You don’t just OUT someone else like that for your own ratings. CONSENT. Especially when it could interfere with future legal proceedings. That was shady as hell.

  • Leo Garcia says:

    he was the only one speaking up about the pedos in Hollywood n he got shunned for it but now every1 knows it’s true n he’s finally getting a little empathy from every1!!! however he chooses to express himself now a days he has my support.

    • Jenny klarke says:

      Others probably do speak up. If parents file a complaint they are suspect of alterer motives. Like money. If you are women, you are treated like you are using your children to get even. The children aren’t believed or it is to difficult to build a case that will hold up in court. The child also has to be able to testify. For an adult to testify about being raped is really hard to do let alone a child. There has to be physical evidence and DNA to make s case solid and have the best chance of a conviction. These pedophiles are usually pretty skilled in how not to get caught. They are also skilled in what to say about their victims or their families to the place doubt in the accusations

  • Petty *Princess* says:

    *Never doubted you Corey* πŸ’”

  • v p says:

    Is Dr. Oz really trying to help him or get him killed? I’m sure it wasn’t just legal reasons that Corey didn’t want to publicize his name. Corey looks terrified out of his mind.

  • Rick Arlen says:

    Hey Oz, how about you pay for his legal bills since you’re so “brave” for putting him on the spot? You have a hit TV show and lots of $$, why don’t you Vulcan up and do the right thing?

  • Jimi Vex says:

    Corey did not agree to share that with the audience just then. Dr. Oz took it upon himself to force that out for his own gain. Profiteering off of Corey’s past suffering, without due consent, was overstepping a line.

  • Lacy Monster says:

    Men having parties with kids
    And no parents
    That’s not suspect at all

  • Crazy Carneys Family vlogs UK says:

    Omg his body language shows how scared and anxious he is!! His gripping so tight to the chair at times .

  • Cody S. says:

    As a victim of sexual abuse I’m horrified Dr. Oz released the name without his consent. He clearly looked triggered. Going public with abuser names is something that often needs to happen after extensive healing. We don’t know for sure if he has achieved that yet.

  • Diane E says:

    I have no respect for Dr. Oz after this.

  • Mitzie Riggins says:

    Corey has told the SAME story 4 MANY..MANY …MANY Years n NO 1 would believe him!!!!!! He has NEVER changed 1 word over all that time till THIS VERY DAY!!!! Now look at how MANY SKELETONS ARE JUMPING OUT THE CLOSET!!!!!

  • kyle smallwood says:

    Can I expose this man
    His name is…..

    Corey said no

  • TexasCindy says:

    Dr Oz clearly crossed the line by blurting out the name

  • shelia sunday says:

    You’re so wrong Oz. SHAME 😑

  • Boogie Hill says:

    Dr. Oz is a bozo for the manner in which he did this. It lacked ethics, integrity and respect for Corey.

  • bizarre podcast says:

    I could have sworn he said no to naming the guy ….piece of crap

  • Alex Kess says:

    They BETTER be paying for this victim’s legal representation. Very exploitative putting him on the spot like this. He has suffered enough.

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