Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Secret

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Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Secret

In a daytime exclusive interview, actor Corey Feldman sits down with Dr. Oz to speak out about Hollywood Secrets and His Friend Corey Haim

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  • Tieia Middleton says:

    He gets a lot of flack, but his story has never changed.

    • David Dooley says:

      Right, as he just had to wait for his movie to tell the story. I often wonder how people can be so naive, as the truth about this man is easy to find. He does nothing, unless he profits from it. Sure, he is so afraid of the big shots that he asks for money for bodyguards. He would be amusing, if he wasn’t so darn pitiful. Sure, their car was forced off the road and he was attacked with a syringe. He asks for prayers, as the NEEDLE penetrated his skin and he may be infected w a deadly virus. Are you kidding me, rhetorical, as this clown is a dim wit. He has alot of folks feeling sorry for him, but most are simply good people who want to believe him. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but he is an opportunistic narcissist. Haim knew that Feldman was a back stabbing individual who only cared about legal tender. Haim didn’t like him and he didn’t want to be one of the two Corey’s. I urge everyone to simply look into the facts about this man, as many of the people who dealt with him on a daily basis, will tell you all about this clown. Heck, YouTube has many videos of his friends, employees and other categories who will tell you all about him. I have nothing to gain here, less the satisfaction of knowing that I may have gotten a few people to actually learn about the REAL Feldman. Haim may have had some real issues in life, but I would gladly of bought him a beer, as it is clear to me that he was exactly as he purported to be. At any rate, before spending a cent on Feldman, just spend a little time and research the man. Thanks in advance…

    • Mermaid Mortal says:

      100% agree.

    • Gene Anthony says:

      @lwalker1963 believe him all you want, he’s still a grifter looking for a payout before he’ll say anything.

    • Anita Backrub says:

      This kid is telling the truth.

    • Maximus Prime says:

      No one even mentioned that the first wave of money he scammed off fans was to pay for his legal fees of past court cases that had nothing to do with abuse allegations.

  • Mary R. says:

    Keep it steady and go forward with pride and justice for all the people that go after you and to help them so that they don’t have to go through that you did….look at Weinstein, the raper of hundreds of victims….that’s hollyweird for you…..👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼. May God hold your hand as you go forward…..

    • perpetually awesome says:

      Im pretty sure God says to forgive those who sin against you and to go in private and tell them their wrong against you….but his God is the devil, the accuser, so yes please let his God hold his hand.

  • Brenda Daugherty says:

    Don’t let anyone stop you make them all pay.The good people our on you side👏

  • d b says:

    God, lead and protect this man as he brings the truth to the world. ☮

  • Michael Alperstein says:

    The guy was raped and abused. Stop blaming him for being a bit odd. You would be odd too if that happened to you. His parents also were extremely mean to him. Let him speak his truth! He’s just trying to help others. he’s just trying to prevent this from happening to other people. Stop judging him so much.

    • perpetually awesome says:

      It’s either the truth or it isn’t.

    • Maximus Prime says:

      I’m not blaming him for being odd but it doesnt take a genius to see somehow he’s gonna get some kind of money off the top of this. Which means either he’s really going to name names or the names he does drop are some obscure people or people the public already knows about.

    • RAIN HAVOK says:

      So waiting 25 years to reveal the truth is helping who? These hollywood pedos have been running free for decades as he sits there without telling us any names or anything. Then he finally agrees to let out the names but he’s making us all pay for it? This just doesn’t make any sense. The day I was raped j told everybody what happened so he could never do it again. THATS HOW YOU SAVE PEOPLE. Waiting a lifetime to tell the world has done nothing but let those guys get away with doing it more & more without ever getting caught! I’m on Coreys side about this but, the way he’s going about it seems super fishy ,selfish & dishonest. Ive been there, I know how its supposed to happen & this isn’t it.

    • Samus says:

      Sure his demeanour can be a bit odd but he’s quite a concise and eloquent speaker. Huge respect to this man for putting his life on the line.

    • Garrielee Peck says:

      Abuse is terrible thing destroy. You as a person

  • Paige Elizabeth says:

    I bet he’s talking about Charlie Sheen

  • Johnny Aingel says:

    I knew they the EVIL people would go after cory feldman he needs protection big time GOD BLESS him and my prayers for him

  • Oso M says:

    Elijah Wood agreed with Corey Feldman but from some reason he backed out and didn’t want to talk about it

  • Billy The kid says:

    What is normal to normal people? This guy has been speaking up for years..

    • Gene Anthony says:

      This guy is a grifter trying to stay relevant and was jealous of Haim and loves to drag his name while pretending to be looking out for him.

    • Steve Hilderbrandt says:

      Gene Anthony He is a has been for years. Needs to stay relevant because washed up actor from the 80s. There’s a reason why he can’t get movie roll. Never was good actor. Director told him to his face. You can’t act Ethan hawke is a good actor not Corey

  • John Alarcon says:


    • John Alarcon says:

      @kittens😻 my friend works for him

    • John Alarcon says:

      @kittens😻 I by no means am condoning the homosexal life style, but David Geffen isnt druging and rapping his victims, all of them are gay and like that sort of thing , he isnt even in the same boat as winestines or Cosby or whoever else is into doing things to people against their will

    • John Alarcon says:

      @kittens😻 oh your a nice looking woman and no I’m not one of those guy either

    • kittens😻 says:

      @John Alarcon
      #DevilGeffen invested in the DEN – look it up. His gayness has got NOTHING to do with him being a pedophile. A powerful, rich and vindictive pedophile who pretty much RUNS Hollyweird.
      Just because your friend works for that monster doesn’t mean jackshit. Some people work for the weapon industry and some work for criminals. Your friend works for a guy who’s probably *worse* than Epstein and more powerful than Epstein.

  • Sheila Keller says:

    He will be found dead soon. It’s never been done before yet here we all are ordering boxing matches and fighting matches the same way

  • Levi O'Rourke says:

    Sounds like even his security is being bought out by his enemies. He needs security that money doesn’t matter to.

  • Welshy says:

    If he gets killed, just know it wasn’t suicide.

  • The Amazing Guyulnevrb says:

    Crazy how people were writing him off as crazy for so long, only to find out how much crazy people have been getting off with crazy behavior for so long.

    • Dee Stitcher says:

      The Amazing Guyulnevrb he’s not crazy, never has been. He is different and eccentric, people are afraid of that so they call him crazy.

    • The Amazing Guyulnevrb says:

      @Dee Stitcher exactly, and it’s like only now are people beginning to say “hmm maybe he knows what he’s talking about”. Better late than never I guess

    • rachel green says:

      Hollywood’s answer to anything that may jeopardize the “institution”… call the accuser crazy!

    • Maximus Prime says:

      I don’t doubt there was abuse but what Corey Feldman has been doing over the years, he’s been doing it in a suspect manner. Notice how he claims to be so “courageous” but still victimizes himself in other instances. Something is not right with this dude and I dont want to hear about “trauma”

    • tims says:

      Is crazy crazy or is it normal for someone who’s gone though and knows things that could out hes life at risk.
      Sure does seem rattled by something

  • KKLORD says:

    I really believe he opened this whole thing up which is huge and tremendous relief that all who should be accused should be brought to justice, not only for the coreys but for all the victims in this industry and in the world. May god strengthen and guide the proper hands and hearts to break this completely open and expose these monsters

  • LadyWolf357Mag V. AKA Beautiful Redrum says:

    The death threats against him are real. So for everyone being negative…stop. He’s been wanting to expose Pedowood b4 the metoo movement ever came to play but he keeps being shut down with lawsuits / death threats

    • Gene Anthony says:

      @LadyWolf357Mag V. AKA Beautiful Redrum like Weinstein and Cosby, all it takes is one and flood gates tend to open.

    • Jungle Bunny says:

      Let’s expose Corey Feldman. First off Corey Haim exposed his abuser before he died. So Feldman is not telling us anything new. Even on the A&E show the two Coreys, Haim exposed the man who abused him saying it was Dominick Brascia. Who Haim’s mother also named as the person. Now let’s go back to the A&E show. If you remember it try to remember the episode where Feldman says Haim won’t get a job in Hollywood unless he wears kneepads. So he referred to Haim having to suck d*** to get a job in Hollywood. What person that’s been abused jokes and laughs at the expense of someone else who been abused? That sounds like someone who abuses not like someone who been abused. Now here’s another question why did Feldman stay friends with Dominick after Haim exposed him as the person who assaulted him? Short answer, Feldman is a 💩 pirate and a abuser his self. Ladywolf357 since you know so much and are so eager to defend Feldman answer my question of why he stayed friends with Dominick even after he was exposed as being Haim’s abuser. I mean if your so called best friend is abused by this person why do you stay friends with him? And let’s shatter this rumor that Feldman has been saying for years that him and Haim was best friends. No they were not. They worked in several movies and did a A&E show together. Sorry to burst your bubbles but that does not qualify you as best friends. And this A&E show that reportly Haim wouldn’t have done if he knew what was going to happen on it. You know Feldman and his so called wife belittling Haim on every episode. Feldman was jealous of Haim. The A&E show where Feldman is belittling Haim at every step is proof of that. This is just Feldman trying to live off of Haim’s name still. Feldman is a piece of 💩. And it’s so convenient for Feldman that Haim is nolonger around to speak for his self.

    • Raeanna Frasier says:

      LadyWolf357Mag V. AKA Beautiful Redrum He is now Strong enough in his heart through God to be willing to finish the job God gave to him too do. Corey God has you…..We have you in prayer, in Jesus Name You Will Succeed. In Jesus name You will succeed…..

    • LadyWolf357Mag V. AKA Beautiful Redrum says:

      @Gene Anthony Weinstein and Cosby were different scenerio. They individually raped women and took the charges on their own. We’re talking about a pedophile ring in a very powerful industry in which can have you killed for talking. Epstein didn’t kill himself. Why did the one celebrity (Kappy) who took the chance to tell on pedos end up dead?

    • Sara Rosales says:

      Ms BeautyBoss call the police?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the deep state….. true story research pedophilia please then research some more start off with the podesta brothers government Hollywood royal family etc etc

  • Abraham Lincoln says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t get Epsteined.

  • Bronze Beauty says:

    He’s been telling the truth before this whole “me too” movement and no one would listen. He was right the whole time!

  • dodi James says:

    I believe every word he says.I hope after this is over he finds some peace in his life.He has put his own life in danger to speak out the truth.I commend him for it. He is brave.God bless him and keep him safe.

  • Lou Wiz says:

    “The world is a dangerous place. But not because of the evil but by those who watch the evil and does nothing”

    – Albert Einstein👴

    Thank you Corey for doing SOMETHING!🙏

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