College Scandal: the Fake Résumé Created for Olivia Jade

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College Scandal: the Fake Résumé Created for Olivia Jade

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  • lidiamonroe says:

    What about all the people in Congress that get their undeserving children into Ivy League schools? No one questions them. That is also very unfair.

  • Lorrie Santos says:

    I read they wrote the 500,000 dollars off on their taxes (charity)

    • Oranjmuse Meyer says:

      Yep! 15 thousand of it for someone to pose as her and take the SATs. No one can claim they didn’t know- her girls knew they posed for the pictures and helped with information. The girls didn’t even want to go to school!

  • Am rose says:

    Sometyped it up for her the little twit could not even finish school or her application or even bother going to school classes to actually learn. But mommy and daddy got it done lol

  • Desiree Thompson says:

    Her daughter was on utube need anything more. Not very smart about telling people what she does for her school. Cosmetics was her format nevertheless her mother knew.

  • Vinh Tran says:

    How is this related to medicine?

  • aboutblank says:

    Free Aunt Becky ! 👏👏👏👏

  • NF N says:

    It is amazing they have no shame in totally lying..pathetic.

  • Theresa Beville says:

    Why isn’t the college being held accountable for taking the money… for forcing a bribe. They took advantage of a desperate Mom wanting to insure her daughter achieved a higher education.
    How hypocritical the system is that allows Elizabeth Warren to retain her Harvard degree that she was awarded on a “native American” scholarship. Furthermore she is embraced by the Democratic party and is running for the highest office in the land. She is a liar and a thief. Somewhere on a reservation in the United States is a Native American whose opportunity was stolen by Elizabeth Warren. If Harvard had any integrity they would strip her of her degree and make her pay a fine. If the Democrat party had any integrity they would have “impeached” this lying, thieving fraud.
    Lori McLaughlin (a desperate Mom wanting the best for her child) was taken advantage of by a crooked institution. Why aren’t the crooked institutions held up for scrutiny? Why isn’t Elizabeth Warren shamed for robbing a Native American of their rightful chance at a Harvard education? Doesn’t Harvard know the difference from a “wanna be” native American and an enrolled Band member?
    Dr. Oz_ I challenge you to address this travesty of justice.

    • Oranjmuse Meyer says:

      Travesty of justice? I agree it wasn’t right, but travesty of justice is a bit much.

    • Stuart Pierce says:

      Desperate are you serious! Jennifer

    • stephanie curtis says:

      Not sure I have all the facts on this but, wasn’t the School given fake/doctored documents for accessing the girls suitability for their school. I’m not sure where she can say ” I was taken advantage of “. It looks as if she made a choice to submit those documents to the school. I don’t see how she was coerced to give up 500k. I do believe that the school should have verified the information submitted was in fact factual before handing out acceptance letters.

  • Diane Hosler says:

    If their daughters were intelligent enough, it wouldn’t have cost them the bribes!

  • Alex Klatt says:

    Money talks & everybody has their price, it would seem. No wonder the Bible tells us “the love of money is the root of all evil” & “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one”.

  • Bedet Lopez says:

    getting out of college would be another problem to that kid who cheated their way in. but i guess if more money could help them graduate… then… idk lol

  • May Short says:

    Colleges need to be cleaned out like the swamp. They are clearly making people more ignorant.

  • Ajith says:

    Dr Oz looking like Chinese actor when he smiling

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