Charlie Sheen Tells Dr. Oz Why He Stopped Taking His HIV Medicine

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen explains why he decided to stop taking his HIV medicine. Plus, Dr. Oz speaks to Dr. Samir Chachoua, the doctor in Mexico who claims that his controversial HIV treatments have essentially cured Sheen's HIV.

See more about Charlie Sheen's controversial HIV therapy in Mexico here:

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  • winko567 says:

    Am i the only one who thinks they look alike?

  • Lynch Smith says:

    Charlie sheen who has HIV and drug addictions looks more healthy than this doctor oz

  • SunkissedMalice says:

    I absolutely, 100% believe that cures exist. It’s a matter of profit and affordability..

    • Honorable Prophet says:

      @Totally Anonymous Shut up you stupid buffoon. Die slow then. Smfh.

    • Jacob Honey says:

      SunkissedMalice a cure may exist but it isnt no sea mom tea lol

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Live testimony HIV is curable:I am grateful to Dr M. Anamangum who rescued me from HIV/AIDS and HERPES. I was diagnosed of these diseases since 2012 and because of this I was very unhappy with my life and I went into research on how I can get cured and I saw a testimony of a man on how he was cured from HERPES by Dr Anamangum, I decided to give a try and when I contacted him, he assured me he was to help me and send me the vaccine and I believed in him because I needed to be cured…here I am now strong and healthy thanks to him…
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    • Michael Stone says:

      The government could make money off a cure. If people make payments on the cure they received until they die of old age. Treat the cure like it’s a prescription.

    • Akron Ohio says:

      You’re 100% right

  • robattard80 says:

    There’s a reason pharmaceutical companies can treat everything but cure nothing. It’s the biggest business on the planet why would you hurt sales figures with a cure.

    • AgentNolies says:

      other than TB, Hep B/C, all bacterial infections, etc right?

    • Reptilian alien says:

      @christian Williams If someone found the cure for cancer and he/she *announced* it, the Pharmaceutical companies would immediately kill that person. They would then go on to say he was scamming people and then he committed suicide, boom end of story.

    • adriiPortillo says:

      I dont know why would you say this, if the medications in your country are expensive, well, bad luck, but that doesnt prove anything. Finding something that would cure people would still be an excellent business. For example, antibiotics can actually CURE bacterial infections, but there are still being sold. People still get bacterial infections. Same would go for cancer, diabetes, etc. and of course HIV

    • Danish Roy says:

      If they could cure it they would. They could make a ton of money from a cure. Stop thinking everything is a big conspiracy

  • Uber Man Tampa says:

    Make no mistake, undetectable is not a cure! You can still spread the virus whether or not your viral loads are low

  • Tired of Lies says:

    Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy.”
    Bukhari 7.582

    • Playbackjunkie says:

      Tired of Lies Yeah he just forgot to tell people what they were.

    • First name Last name says:

      @Suman Karmakar Allah is the God of All the Abrahamic faiths , its in the Torah, its in the bible in the original Aramaic texts and inThe Quran, Allah os the creator of the universe, even if disbelievers like yourself, you worship Jinn, hindus worship the Jinn which are Demonic spirits that request you sustain their thirst with milk and coconuts but the real God does not need to be sustained , i can take a sledgehammer and break your statues that you call bagbbans or whatever you call them, hindus worship their prime minister Modi too , its hilarious

    • First name Last name says:

      @Mary Gould Allah is the word used for God in the Bible in the original Aramaic, modern day christianity is a conncoction of fabrications

  • ROME says:

    Im suprised our government hasnt killed that doctor who found the cure.

  • Chris Alcantar says:

    That’s why that doctor not allowed in the U.S. cuz they don’t want the cure to be out the pharma companies would lose a lot of money same with cancer.. if they cure it they gonna lose money

    • Joe Arvallo says:

      That money should be taken away and given back to the people 10 folds!

    • BEN MARSHALL says:

      Chris Alcantar Better to lose money then lives

    • Ricky Kon says:

      @Dharmender Sharma bullshit

    • What’sTrending ?! says:

      Chris Alcantar why would you believe in this ? Maybe that’s the case for America where people actually pay for their healthcare but not for Europe where actually the governments that pay for people’s healthcare and it costs them a lot of money. Considering that some of the most advanced scientific researchers of finding the cure are being done outside America, I don’t believe in the theory that there is a hidden cure already. But I have a feeling it will be found soon as per the latest laboratory study, scientists could finally remove hiv from the mice, now that’s really a huge achievement

  • C Carbon says:

    Dr OZ looks envious when Charlie said he was cured, OZ why you mad you didn’t take the credit for this miracle?

  • Black Rose says:

    Pharmaceutical companies don’t create cures they create customers

  • DDappa 1980 says:

    They’ll give away the cure when it’s financially beneficial to them.

  • Tu Baby says:

    Dr. Sebi..
    Already cured this

    • Rodney Rose says:


    • GB.40 says:

      @Brooke Berry look up Jeff Bradstreet he was a Doctor who was killed (suicided) in 2015 he was fighting the FDA and CDC even brought to the Supreme court twice that shots have a relation to autism in baby’s ,he didn’t just try to expose the truth,he made a cure and treated 1000’s of people the day before his death his office was raided with all of his research being stolen this is all public information look it up

    • Georgia Malcolm says:

      they’re putting a white man in replacement of Dr Sebi so in the future the youth will be confused. as of now people @re still in disbelief already, but they’re (Gov) doing the same thing over and over again, replacing real history with fruad. i can’t imagine what our ancestors had to go through when they were like us now being confused by the government, being lied to everyday of the truth, right under their noses. it’s the same now, but changes are coming. IT STARTS WITH YOU

    • MissAllanPoe1989 says:

      dr robert morse too


    He’s hiding out cause government will kill him

  • A Passer says:

    You have to understand that there is no cure based on western medicine, the us is not the whole world.

  • Joe Turner says:

    That awkward moment when Charlie Sheen looks younger and healthier than Dr. Oz.

  • Rah Will says:

    If the Government finds him they’ll kill him. Point blank.

  • Eugene Joseph says:

    Exactly a cured patient is a lost customer.There is a cure.

  • Fuck ur feelings says:

    Notice he’s in Mexico? They don’t want cures in this country cause the fda and the pharmaceutical companies make a fortune on hope treatments and drugs. Cancer for instance is a multi billion dollar industry between drugs, treatments and people it employs so they don’t want a cure in this country, which is why people who can afford to go out of the country. I have no doubt this dr has a cure for hiv. The us government gives zero fucks about anyone expect for the all mighty dollar.

    • Antiyanna Hall says:

      METTRIIK Same.. But MAYBE they tried to get treatment too late. The cancer was probably really bad at that point and probably spread too much to bring to an end. Idk. Just a thought😂

    • Fuck ur feelings says:

      @METTRIIK Just cause their rich doesn’t mean their smart.

    • Jeroen says:

      Oh watch out what you say. It might be 10 years to 7 from now on untill the HIV starts breaking down the immune system and transfers into aids basicly. The first 10 years could go along just fine. Look at Tommy morrison for example, great left hook boxer, basicly went through the same denial fase but passed away at 40+ looking like 70.

    • Fuck ur feelings says:

      @Jeroen True it takes a long time to surface but my point is the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have been in cahoots since the early seventies. They hold back on on better treatments to make that almighty dollar. For that reason there r people who leave the USA to get better care elsewhere.

  • Heff Comedy says:

    Who else is here after Nipsey Hussle’s murder?

  • Mr. Bicentennial says:


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