Celebrities Reading Roundup

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Celebrities Reading Roundup

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  • R C says:

    Oh Lordt, these freaking attention seekers can’t STFU for one minute…

  • Saturated In Love Tarot says:


  • J Ribs says:

    I don’t see the point. Do parents actually have Jeff Goldblum read to their kids? Pure celebrity narcissism. FREE PR. All this is. Enough.

  • Tom says:

    amazing video keep up the good content

  • Tom says:

    nice content I really liked it

  • Mike Gutrugianios says:

    Dumbest idea ever we want are children to read on their own……..


    If you support Oprah ..I have unsubscbribed from you…..period

  • trademarc66 says:

    Parents can’t read to their kids?

  • John Michalek says:

    So we have a rollout of all the over paid thin on talent Hollywood witches and warlocks.

  • #LIVELIFE says:


  • dbltrplx says:

    Winfrey is going to prison
    And the rest of these freaks are going down with her .


  • Fuad Ghanem says:

    I have a question for dr oz. they say the heat slows it down or stops it. Florida is hot and so is Mexico. I want to know why hasn’t it stopped there and why it’s not slowing down over there

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