Carl’s Quarantine Diary

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Carl’s Quarantine Diary

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  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    cool content you deserve more subscribers

  • J Atterberry says:

    What was his results ? Y r some parts of the comments dark ? Ppl can’t even see them . Well hope Carl is feeling better . ?

  • RonkeStation says:

    I am sure other people are not getting this kind of luxury treatment. This man spread this disease to other people and he gets rewarded with meals.

  • stefan stoss says:

    PHYSICS works no doubt now is that allways true of medical science Hippocrates ” food is mediicne ” he used 400 herbs who today is providing money to research these 400 who is researching the herbs used by st Hildegard von Bingen they still work in Germaany for persons usiing them christians didnt only not like scienc e500 years ago they killed 10000s of women for brewing herbal tea today wehave a yotube TCM acupuncture and chinese herbal tea against covid India is using ayur veda [[ e g AYUSH 64 ]] against covid i havebeen making th epoint thta w edont forget Einstein because its like 100 years ago my dear in 1948 Dr frederik Klenner cured 68 people of polio with high dose intravenous vitamin C many grams [[ published JAMA 1949 ]] he et al cured ANY TYPE of serious infection with this simple protocol a pentagon general siad use it against ebola today us eit against covid why isnt it funded for tests nothing to lose greenmedinfo said china ahs used high dose vitamin C [ ascorbic acid ] against covid ahvnt heard results herbs work in the hand sof knowledge

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