Can You Stop A Nightmare While Dreaming?

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Can You Stop A Nightmare While Dreaming?

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  • #1 says:

    I have had sleep paralysis. It is so damn scary.

    • latonya green-warner says:

      Same here. Sleep paralysis use to scare me so bad, but then i learned how to wake up from it. Now when i am experiencing sleep paralysis, i follow acouple of steps: 1. At the beginning of the dream, I always find myself screaming for my mother to help me. So instead of screaming for my mom, i just say a quick prayer to try and ease the terror. , im terrified, but i manage to calm my self down and I stop fighting against the paralysis. 2.) Normally, my hands are clenched up very tightly, so i start to relax my hands. 3) Next ,as i start to calm down, i begin to relax the muscles in my shoulders/base of my neck. I noticed that Im able to wake up from the paralysis once i stop fighting it. Once im able to be relaxed, calm, and at peace, I gain control and wake up. But if I freak out, tense up, and fight the paralysis, i have no control. Also once I wake up, I turn on my side and go back to sleep. For some reason , i only have sleep paralysis when in laying on my back. Ive never had sleep paralysis while sleepi g on my side, it occurs only when i sleep on my back .

  • Cheryl Robinson says:

    Thank you So much. I have PTSD, I’d never heard of this technique…I’m definitely going to try this tonight.

  • Dragon Man says:

    I dream Satan yesterday and that was so scrary

  • Richard Barnby says:

    Why? Reality is scarier than my nightmares.

  • N. Michaels says:

    YES I can and have! Sometimes not as soon as it like tho 😞

  • E. D. says:

    Perfect timing!! I always dream weird stupid sh*t.. Nightmares. Every night.

  • GI Jane says:

    Tips. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime, to get out of nightmare shake your right foot to wake you

  • Ideoform Sun says:

    This works. I learned about lucid dreaming maybe 30 years ago. For years I used to get nightmares after my daughter died. I learned to wake up in my dreams and change the ending. I’ve had some very interesting dreams over the years. First you learn how to remember your dreams. Then try to see if there is anything symbolic in them as a message for you.

    The problem with lucid dreaming too much, is that dreaming and real-life waking begin to seem more and more alike. So I don’t do it as much as I used to. I used to wake up so tired after lucid dreaming a lot. Your dreams can be like a fascinating movie that you don’t want to wake up and get going on your day.

    Meditation for 15 minutes a day is even better. Also prayer.
    Eye movement desensitization (EMD) is a good technique to try for dealing with traumatic memories.
    And EFT, Tapping, and acupuncture.

    Grounding your body while sleeping might help, since it reduces inflammation, and thus pain.

    Follow your heart, and find your passion, and replace the old with strong new memories. You get what you focus on, and the present moment is the pivot point. Stay in the present. It is a gift.

    • Silver Boomer says:

      and what he did not cover is the hardest part, which is to become AWARE that you are dreaming. The only thing that ever worked for me is to scream. It’s a natural reaction for my type of nightmare. So over many years, I learned that when nothing comes out when I scream, it’s a bad dream. So I scream and scream and it turns into “this is a dream” and I wake up, eventually. EMDR has helped a lot!!! Thanks for mentioning that!

    • Ideoform Sun says:

      Silver Boomer
      I never had to scream. I guess I had those kind of dreams when I was very young.
      I don’t get nightmares anymore, like that, but I do get premonitions, intuition, and hunches now. I get them when awake, too. A dream can be a warning. It might mean to remember to lock your doors at night, or check on the children.
      I got a feeling of dread before 9/11. And before this pandemic. So “bad” dreams aren’t always bad for you to have.

      Those dreams of being naked, are often just your mind telling you that you feel unprepared for something important, and thus you feel vulnerable. It is yourself telling you to get more preparation and planning done.

      I’m partially awake in most of my dreams now. All you have to do is to tell yourself you are going to be aware that you are dreaming and you will. I can tell myself to wake up at a certain time, and I do. I haven’t needed my alarm clock in many years. It’s amazing what you can learn to do, by just telling yourself that you want to learn that right before bedtime.

      A super scary, repetitive dream might just be a way for you to deal with a fear in a safe way, like in your bed. You can tell monsters and demons to go away and they will. I learned some dream symbolism, and it’s helped me figure out a repetitive dream I was having. I grew up on a river, and kept dreaming I was back there again, but it was flooding. I was trying to warn everyone the flood was coming and to move up to higher in the house. Water is symbolic of emotion. My family was very turbulent in my teens, as they were arguing a lot, there was addiction, and eventually divorce. I guess I kept dreaming that somehow I could save them if I warned them about so much emotion flooding the home.

      I have learned that the very thing you love can turn into a nightmare if you hold on too tightly. You can’t be more afraid to loose it than you are feeling wonderful to have it in your life.

  • Ideoform Sun says:

    Dr. Oz, your dream might mean that in many important ways, you are being muzzled.
    As well as masked.
    The masks Doctors have wear during intubation are getting very restrictive.
    This virus causes suffocation from the inside out.
    I hope you find a cure for this because I feel that a truly safe and effective vaccine is unlikely anytime soon.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Taking B vitamins may stop a nightmare fast. Raising oxygen in the brain helps depression/bad dreams etc. Stress uses up B vitamins/Zn/progesterone.

  • BR R says:

    Most of the time I could realize that I am dreaming, and I would end my life in the dream when it’s a nightmare – like jump off a cliff or just close my eyes in the dream – and then I wake up easily.

  • BR R says:

    The good thing about nightmare is that after I wake up, I feel so grateful it was just a dream. Sweet dreams I feel happy while dreaming. Either way actually not too bad.

  • Megin Dunlap says:

    Have a bible at the top of ur bed and pray before going to bed πŸ™πŸ™

  • Megin Dunlap says:

    It also depends on what u ate dont eat so late

  • Elizabeth Paez says:

    I have a scare dreams went my hand is in top of my HEART.. asunes i remove my hand from my heart the dream stop.. and I pray right That moment.

  • Silver Boomer says:

    I started having nightmares after being kidnapped, tortured and shot. The way that I get out of those horrific dreams, was to first realize it was a dream. Looking down at your hands is a stupid idea. When you are dreaming and terrified, you do not think of that!! Screaming is a natural reaction. Over time, when I tried to scream and nothing comes out, I realized it was a dream. I keep screaming more and more. It wakes me up because my breathing changes. I usually wake up out of breath. I have been to counseling and numerous ‘methods’ and this has been the only thing that has worked for me in over 22 years. You have to find the thing that works for you.

  • Eoin Kelleher says:

    Simple. All you have to do is be conscious that you are dreaming, then anything is possible, even controlling the dream the way you choose it. It’s controlling reallity is the problem most people have.

  • Allexandra QueenVEVO says:

    Weir timing because it is so on point. Am I the only one having weird, uncomfortable and even scary dreams recently? It happens couple of nights in a row and then stops suddenly 😳

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