Can You Prep Your Immune System To Fight Back?

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Can You Prep Your Immune System To Fight Back?

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  • Laura Butler says:

    Red meat does not cause inflammation. Vegans are pathetically unhealthy!

    • Heather says:

      Laura Butler couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Tonya Drifka says:

      I’m a vegan and very healthy. No health problems what so ever. My blood type actually says that I should be a vegetarian. When I was eating meat, I felt sick. Its not for everyone. To each their own. But some in my family eat meat and they are fine.

    • cali always says:

      Not true!! I had diabities almost died! Switched to Vegan….got off all medications. Doing much better to the point my diabities is about to go away. Plant Based saved my Life!

    • Razer Mantis says:

      @Tonya Drifka sensible answer. Each to there own. I have nothing against vegetarians, vegans or anything else as long as they are not trying to stop me from eating meat. 6.5 million years of evolution behind our species all of which ate meat.

  • Alan H says:

    Sure I believe you can…Lots of vitamin C
    And drink plenty of water and wash hands and stay Safe 🙏🏻

  • RuÏslip says:

    Thank you Dr R, yes Meat is Murder!

  • hodoprime says:

    Grass-fed livestock produce good fats.

  • Francis Account says:

    Thank God I’m vegetarian 💤


    1:05 🔥💃💞💟

  • Yorkie Land says:

    Diet is not eveything. You could get run over by a car today. Most Americans love healthy meats, sorry Doc!

  • T J says:

    Okay, AWESOME!!! Thank you Dr. Oz!!! Me and my family are good then!!!!👍

  • Wendy Sybers says:

    Also exercise and watch DrDrews podcast on the virus. He will help you calm the F down.

  • Tamara Jenkins says:

    Nut bowls and shared community bowls in public have always been a bad thing. 😷

  • Razer Mantis says:

    Are you kidding me. Are you really using a virus pandemic as an opportunity to promote a meat free society? People do realise that the majority of people eat meat aswell as vegetables right and dont go out biting chunks out of cows. Considering when you take our ancestors and other animals that pretty much only eat meat, that have no medicine available how the fk do they survive. vegans have a vitamin b deficiency most of the time which turns them in to psychological nutjobs, see vegangains as an example to say meat is bad in any shape or form is dumb. What about carnavour diets that have been proven to help people with autoimmune diseases? Bottom line, make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamin c, zinc, garlic and a good quality multivitamin and your immune system will be on top form.

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