Can an Infected Cook Transmit COVID 19 Through Your Food?

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Can an Infected Cook Transmit COVID 19 Through Your Food ?

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  • Lid Marie says:

    What about fast food restaurants?

  • Mark Yaske says:

    I think canned vegetables and fruits are the safest.

  • Jores Baghoomian says:

    YOUR best bit would be AVID getting CHINESE FOOD.

  • Tom says:

    awesome content keep it up bro

  • Tom says:

    great video keep up the good content

  • Charmaine Mcleo says:


  • Edmar Martinez says:

    How many of you work as cook for any restaurant

  • just looking and observing people actions says:

    I got a strong feeling McDonald’s employee’s don’t practice safety procedures and good hygiene while cooking. After all most of them are youngsters… Young people are the main group of people not taking this virus serious.

    • I V says:

      just looking and observing people actions “ YOUR STRONG FEELING “ is failing !!! My son works at McDonalds they have a wash hands schedule implemented and followed by the store GM they also wear gloves. (Thats at least at my sons store)

    • just looking and observing people actions says:

      @I V I believe you, it’s just’, I seen too much. On what employee’s of McDonald’s been doing. I’m pretty sure their some places that are on their game on being clean but the careless out weights the one’s that are doing the proper job.

    • Nagamalli Banavath says:

      Very true

    • Indiana Trucker I69 says:

      just looking and observing people actions And that’s probability that I’m not willing to take especially during these times.

    • I V says:

      Indiana Trucker I69 I agree !!! I been cooking at home for 3 weeks already 😨😨 No eating out in my household

  • Indiana Trucker I69 says:

    I do t give a damn . No takeout 🥡 for me . When I cook 👨‍🍳 my food at home I know what’s in it . How it was prepped and prepared , if any piece fell on the floor or left out for extended periods of time. If the person washed 🧼 their 🖐 before cooking it. If the utensils 🥄 where properly washed and sanitized . There’s too many disinfectant variables when it comes to cleanliness of preparing food 🥘. I’d rather cook my own food at home 🏠 . It’s a lot safer cleaner and takeout puts a lot of weight on you.Trying to drop 10lbs , you can do so alone off of not eating takeout 🥡and eating at home.Doyou know people are opening and closing restaurant door 🚪 24/7 enough for rodents to get in and nibble on that hamburger 🍔 bun. The subconscious grill employees is backed up with orders and he grabs the bun with a few mice 🐁 sized teeth 🦷 that was bitten at the bottom bun. You’re starving and you bite right into it . There you go cough 😷 wheezing fever 🤒. I’ve never gotten sick off of food that I’ve eaten at home . I’ve have gotten sick/ill-several times from food that I’ve eaten at a fast food , restaurant.

    • laurie strode says:

      I like ur name. I’m from Indiana. And yep, around these parts cooking at home is the way to go. Stay safe💕

    • Liz Bee says:

      You have a lot of time on your hands with all those random emojis. Did you get laid off?

    • The Think Show says:

      Indiana Trucker………..I did a video a while back that hardly anyone has seen about how I lost 40lbs. You might get some ideas. And I’m with you, I like to have full control over the food preparation process……..I know everything is alright then.

  • C G says:

    Yeah, just like when we were told NOT to wear masks. Use your common sense people!

    • nmr20067 says:

      Exactly….. I don’t eat any fast food right now. Anyone who tells you you can’t get it from eating from fat people who cooked your fast food are ridiculous liars..

  • stubborn Taurus bull says:

    I just brought that up to my daughter today, because, i’ve seen soo many commercials where they’re showing how the people that are still working in restaurants, and delivering foods, are not wearing masks while they prepare food. She brought up a good point though, if they’re not available for the nurses, that are Hands-On with these people with the virus, why would they give them to restaurant workers? Tough pill to swallow!

  • A Z says:

    I was praying before covid19. 🙏

  • NerdyPunkRockfan808 says:

    As cook myself I would imagine it would be transmitted the same way any other food borne illness does. Norovirus and Hepatitis A are the most common food borne viruses and are transmitted from people not washing their hands after using the bathroom. So washing hands is essential for preventing these illnesses. Same thing probably applies to this as well. The scary part is it took a pandemic for people to start washing their hands.

    • Julie Bondzich says:

      Hepatitis A vaccination. I am surprised everyone doesn’t get this. I was studying esthics and in the school people get facials and treatment for extremely cheap prices as we are students working on them. I began to wonder what I could catch and found that hepatitis A is very very easy to get. Simply touching something. consider buffet restaurants how many hands touch the serving spoons how many people leave restroom without washing hands or simply run under water for 3 seconds as to claim yeah i washed my hands, see they’re wet. Morons.
      If you have survived the covid19 i hope you will get the hepatitis A vaccine. Get the B vaccine too! You don’t want die from losing your liver/you’re life, by something that definitely can be prevented.
      God bless and stay safe!

  • Sunnyvale Farms says:

    Nice musical video —-> however none of the workers were using Food service gloves ,or stronger ! Very poor video. illustration, even in the best of times, careful restaurant use food service gloves on all their employees that are cooking. The microwave illustration showed a three minute 58 second timer. That would definitely destroy most takeout food. Poor choice of microwave illustration .Probably good content, poor choice of videos!

  • Soul Queen says:

    What kinda question is this!? Duh!

  • TL Pricescope says:

    Order hot food that you can microwave or reheat.

  • Starr Rivers says:

    Some of the fast food chain restaurants are safer than your own kitchen. They take temperatures of employees before they enter the building, are constantly washing hands and sanitizing, wearing masks, etc. They only use 4-5 employees at a time. In fact, I rather pick up food there than fight the germ loaded crowds at the grocery stores and box stores!

  • James Medina says:

    Well that’s reassuring 😔 Throw it in the microwave

  • Hope says:

    People working at drive thru were not wearing any masks and they come in contact with many different people

  • G MONEY says:

    Ppl, Ppl stop being lazy and cook an egg if u can🤷🏻‍♂️

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