Cameron Diaz’s Healthy Aging Tips

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Cameron Diaz’s Healthy Aging Tips

From getting enough sleep to wearing sunglasses, actress Cameron Diaz discusses the steps you can take to age gracefully and live longer.

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  • huda abdullah says:


  • huda abdullah says:


  • Mira Fawn says:

    Cameron Diaz is *adorable* ❤

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    I now have to accept wearing bifocals for the first time. We as humans just have accept the fact that we are not getting younger. Embrace life and live to the fullest

  • Shelbey Merchant says:

    Um she smokes and that has aged her a lot. She absolutely does not look young

  • Notre Aira says:

    Easy. Don’t have a man in your life.

  • Jack Jack says:


  • La Serpenta Canta says:

    plastic surgery, she has had fillers and botox here.

  • La Serpenta Canta says:

    Oz touches women too much, hope he doesn’t get metooed.

  • Janet Martin says:

    I worry about what rays reflect in a multiplied manner from the sunglasses.Any thoughts on this?❤

  • Dc Seattle says:

    Not to be “the devil’s advocate” here, but why is this ugly female giving tips about the aging process in human anatomy?

    • soli Sanchez says:

      Dc Seattle
      you’re not playing the “devil’s advocate”. You’re just being rude and mean.
      For the sake of argument, a person’s attractiveness, doesn’t determine their aging process.

  • jimmette jones says:

    UmmmMMm UmmmMMm….Cameron Diaz? Ok

  • Sweetcheeks says:

    So where are the tips ??? We all know about sleeping

  • Erma Cee says:

    Wait so no Botox?

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