Bret Michaels: Surviving Diabetes, A Brain Hemorrhage And Living In This Difficult Times

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Rock and Roll Superstar Bret Michaels: Surviving Diabetes, A Brain Hemorrhage And Living In This Difficult Times

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  • vizyon Club says:


  • Parwin Ali says:


  • Motorhead Banger says:

    You can survive and overcome everything, since you really want to

  • Eileen Bass says:

    Mind over matter, I don’t mind and you don’t matter😁😁

  • renegado100 says:

    Bret Michaels: Surviving Drugs , alcohol, smoking , excess , etc , crazy brain and Living the vida loca

  • Sherry Lambert says:

    Praise God, I’ve had it 39 years type 1

  • Karen Mendoza says:

    Love Brett..great guy!!

  • Sherry Lambert says:

    Dr Oz, I wish you could help me, Diebetic 39 years, RA, and lots of health problems at 54 years old, been through breast cancer, 4 back surgery’s neck surgery, heart disease, and cant guit smoking, been smoking for 40 some years

  • Logan says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Logan says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Dollars & Scents says:

    Anybody else think it’s funny that Brett Michaels has worn the same “rocker” outfit for almost 40 years? He even wore the stupid bandana is his hospital “death” bed 🤣

  • Paris Dixon says:

    I love listening to Christmas songs all year long❤

  • Melina Rojas says:

    Amazing! God is great he’s pulled you out of many obstacles. Many more healthy years to you bret.

  • Tonya Stadt says:

    Such an amazing story he’s truly the Superman unbelievable I’m so happy for him that he’s pulling through of what he’s been through keep going brat keep strong💗✌🙏

  • Stevenado14 says:

    I love Bret Michaels

  • Mel B says:

    i just wish these elderly rock stars wouldn’t dress like 20 yr olds.
    i want to see some older rock icons looking like classy adult men for ONCE!

  • Zoeebella says:

    My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes, too 🙁 Auto immune diseases during this virus is scary! Love Bret and he’s always been a great Type 1 Diabetic advocate! I believe his daughter also has it now 🙁

  • kimberly reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 7 minutes and 44 seconds left to live”


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