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The latest on hydroxychloroquine: Dr. Didier Raoult met with French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday, and the infectious disease expert sent me an update following their meeting.

And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.

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  • BE NOT DECEIVED ! says:

    So they should stop the quarantine now ! Get on it now doctor before more people die from the quarantine !!

  • Forte3645 says:

    Thank you for the update. Liberals put their politics over science. Pathetic!

    • Joe Strat says:

      @World Traveler You’ve got a third of the total global cases, though you had 2 full months to prepare. The numbers alone are a stunning indictment of Trump’s complete failure as a leader. The right acts as if he alone designed this drug, and at god’s direction pointed to it as a cure. Wrong. Science developed it, tested it, and recommended it. Lefty scientists. The left merely castigated him for pushing it before the science was complete, and rightly so. I would think you working in a hospital would understand something about science. Good luck with the trial, I hope it saves lives.

    • Forte3645 says:

      Thomas : Liberals believing in science? Really??? They believe in 64 genders!!! That says it all !!!

    • charli3 brown says:

      @Joe Strat who developed, tested and recommended it? before the science was complete? when?

    • Nunsuch says:

      Andrew Snow <—-leftists like this guy want to PROLONG this crisis.

    • Nunsuch says:

      Thomas Liberals belive there are 97 genders. Nuff said.

  • M.K Aziz says:

    My Friend also on same medicine and recovered and fever is no more.

    • Travis Brandlein says:

      @Jennifer Wang I’ve heard recommendations on hydroxychloriquin, zinc, and azithromycin together have had good outcomes. The hydroxy supposedly opens the cell allows zinc in the cell to block virus from overtaken them and reproducing and let’s your immune system kill the virus.

    • Mr Maharaja says:

      @Munin Fjolnir well
      There is reason.
      Does it work on underlying health care patients like me as a diebtic and bp patient.
      You dumb

    • Thomas A says:

      Your friend got better not due to this drug. There is no proof. Dr Oz didn’t use a controlled study to use. There are severe issues with this Fox News doctor.

    • Kate McAllister says:

      M.K Aziz
      How was she diagnosed with Covid? Was she tested or did they “tell her”. Wake up y’all. If you do t SEE a test, it’s a LIE!

    • Munin Fjolnir says:

      @Thomas A You hope Hydroxychloroquine isn’t a cure because you hate Trump but your masters in the shadows betrayed all of you because Trump is in their favor and this Hydroxy issue is going to throw his election through the roof with Trump votes. They already know its a cure and they are running a senile old man against Trump. Trump’s attacks on the Chinese bought THEIR favor and YOU, THEIR favorite tools will be played.

      Don’t worry, they will see you win the next election. Its all a game.

  • Pete Kondolios says:

    If we had enough PPE And HCQ , we could end the shutdown

    • Semper Fi says:

      Sure Trump, sure.

    • Ur2ez4me81 says:

      I didn’t want to say this & I understand there are circumstances but it seems like Dems are desperately trying to downplay this life saving treatment… Doesn’t surprise me either, they are the ones that think it’s okay to murder a baby even after the innocent child’s 16 week gestation time period. They are the party of death so it wouldn’t surprise me that they would be against something that saves lives…

    • Munin Fjolnir says:

      @Ur2ez4me81 The Dems were playing political games with out health and mental stability. SMH

      FAKE NEWS!!!

    • Munin Fjolnir says:

      @Semper Fi “Sure Trump” They haven’t made Marines like they used to since the 70’s.

    • some guy says:

      @Andy it’s actually being widely used. People have died while taking it. It is not a miracle cure, and no politician is blocking its use. Doctors can and do prescribe medications for off label use on a regular basis.

  • Diedra Crockett says:

    Dr Oz, thank you for these updates throughout the day. I’ve stopped watching breaking news reports from MSNBC, CNN and my local stations. I record and watch your shows and tap on these posts when I receive your notifications. I know you’re working non-stop to end this pandemic and to help all of us. Thank you 🙏🏾.

  • World of Aviation says:

    Bring it on. Lets finish this evil Corona!

  • Riqrob says:

    Few cases in Africa where this drug is common. …………….

  • PugetSoundComedy says:

    Dr Oz… Thank you so much for all these reports and persistence in investigating real world application and results of this treatment regimen! This is so life saving and I really hope this helps to get more and more of this life saving treatment into the hands of the health professionals and patients suffering right now!

    You have been amazing with this series!

  • Wei Louie says:

    Doctor Oz. They may need to add Zinc to the combo for those people who had poor outcomes

  • Krishnan Narayanan says:

    kindly give the statistics about how may recovered from covid thro’ this protocol in addition to how much new ceases and death

  • cbrboy17 says:

    A doctor that is making sense and not saying that vaccines is the only way. Thank you Dr. Oz.

  • Lady _ says:

    For weeks we have seen evidence that Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc works. This should be standard treatment across the nation to end this pandemic.

    • tmc che says:

      @enuff2u and would reduce the probability of people on ACE inhibitors from being exposed. The result of shortening the mean time for those infected, which reduces the population of those contagious with the virus, reducing the rate of spread. Similar to the effects of social distancing.

    • canWego Backintime says:

      @Just Suzie not EVERYTHING is a cure all. So you are saying that since you don’t have high blood pressure, you get to suffer and die because little Suzie is more concerned about making this drug banned, than helping these people. You made your point LOUD AND CLEAR. Death to non-high blood pressure patients.

    • David Granger says:

      They want the Gates backed vaccine with the ID , probably the tattoo injection tracker, and a card. Look it up.

    • John T says:

      Too cheap to make $. Also doesn’t fit United Nations Agenda 2030. Please inform yourselves about there sinister plan. Resist and vote these people out.

    • Mary West says:

      Peter Nguyen then they don’t have to take it , common sense along with all other disease what’s good for one person is t always good for the other, and if they can take it why not ,,, I don’t see a problem taking it , Trump is a smart man and is being blocked by the CDC you should wonder that more that anything

  • Jim Brinkley says:

    Dr Oz, How can we get our President to make this miracle drug more available to the American people? We could end this Fear machine now that the media and certain Dr.’s with their data data data, charts charts charts BS / deep state socialist / Globalist are pushing. I know you are getting this powerful information to President Trump himself. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

    • Bryan says:

      This medicine is already widely available and being used in the US. Its just not a miracle because there are so many things that go into it being effective, for example it only helps if you’re immune system is overacting. As is an immune system suppressant, it’s not effective if you’re immune system is weak. It’s not the one size cure all that you think.

    • Jim Brinkley says:

      @Bryan Yes but you have to be pretty sick already to get it. This drug should already be used as a preventative. Not just later in the progression of the illness.

    • Bryan says:

      @Jim Brinkley maybe… I don’t think anyone is blocking it though. The government is stockpiling it. Maybe they are working towards that.

    • Mary West says:

      Jim Brinkley trump would like to use it the CDC is saying not to ,,, you have to wonder why they are dragging their feet , if you listen to the task force updates they are constantly telling trump , no no no

    • Jim Brinkley says:

      @Bryan That would be great Bryan. Lets pray our Government is forward thinking enough to do just that.

  • Tammy Davis says:

    I have used this plaquenil for years with no side effects.

    • mary lamarr says:

      ME TOO…50 YEARS AGO…

    • A Conneely says:

      I have used aspirin for years with no problem do you think that would work ?

    • Abo Ali says:

      Agree just some years ago Drs given this medicen to my 59 year old mom though the diagnosis was wrong and she took it wrong but there was no side effects.

      The only question for me is if this medicen kills the virus or no.

    • Ken Hardie says:

      I have used Plaquenil for RA for years its an immunosuppressant so when I catch the flu or a cold I have to stop taking it or end up in hospital. It also took months to show any effect when I first started using it. Its side effects are a nuisance being nausea and routine eye checkups for macular degeneration

  • Samuel Tapia jr says:

    The results are good for me. Enough to take my chances with this drug. They offer this medicine in the USA only in severe cases. It was emergency FDA approved…

    • Sumit Verma says:

      Because these drug is manufactured by India. And we have very limited supply because the tablet powder comes from china. Therefore it is advised to all govt. that they should use their home made drug for minor symptom patients and HQL shd b given only to serious patients.

    • Susan Auger says:


    • Thom says:

      @David Peterson Approved for use in COVID-19 he means

    • Nil val says:

      @Sumit Verma we have seen to it that we have more than enough and we have already partially lifted the ban.
      Zydus cadilla which makes 3 metric tons per month has ramped up production to 30 metric tons per month. They may further increase it to 50 metric tons per month.
      IPCA labs produce 20 metric tons. IPCA plans to increase it to 26 metric tons per month.
      Between these two, we will have no issues. We can take care of the world twice over.
      Only western media has a problem. They criticized Trump and it is coming to bite them back.

    • Lou G says:

      @Susan Auger if someone is on a ventilator, they are on a life support system. If they are taken off the ventilator, they die. No one ever wants to see anyone to need a ventilator to live. The outcome usually doesn’t end well.

  • Kevin Brown says:

    Dr Vladimir Zelenco NY uses zinc sulfate with hydroxychloroquine, the zinc is important

  • James Merlin says:

    Side effect of hcq: you live.

  • Truth To Power says:

    If people want to use this drug let them. Just have them sign a personal injury waiver.

  • randomGuy says:

    I am an Indian living in India and I am proud that my country is helping humanity by producing hcq in great quantity.

    • Gamma Ray says:

      @A Conneely there’s something deep
      You can’t

    • Mailbox Money says:

      Yeah Indians are good people overall….

    • A Conneely says:

      @MOKSHA Are you saying only Indians can work in Convenience Stores . Indians are taking jobs away from Americans just like every other emigrant and they are not christian . They worship cows , you cant walk in India without stepping in cowshit

    • A Conneely says:

      @Sunflower Seeds I have no time for you , its non christian lovers like you that have ruined America . MAGA

    • MOKSHA says:

      @A Conneely humm, thing is you too much have faith in this same main stream media and corporates which are merely funded by countries and large groups.

      No most of Indians not believe in caste system, and budy doing study and are less risk takers. actually cast system was portrayed differently during mughals and British raj to make locals fight each other.

      Just like you, I dont have enough knowledge about history of USA and therefore I will try to skip on those things.

  • young kim says:

    This is why Trump said he’s feeling good about it and he gets attacked smh

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