Break Your Sugar & Fat Addiction

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Break Your Sugar & Fat Addiction

These foods can sabotage your diet by changing your brain chemistry. Dr. Oz has an easy 3-step plan to break your addiction to sugar and fat.

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  • Dawin Alexander says:

    Sugar shrinks the human brain?

  • Dayton Andersen says:

    Or just make a protein shake lmao, tastes better then a actual milkshake and takes 15 seconds

  • Dayton Andersen says:

    So if u can break up with sugar…u can do a 5 day prolonged fast? Doctor Oz a joke lol, if u want to gain genuine knowledge then go to some of the fitness channels and learn from people who dedicate their everyday life to what they say

  • Kiss Midnight says:

    So they are just hawking a product.

  • ellie larkin says:

    Oh dear its so wrong to go against the food industries adverts and indoctrination. Surly we need more adverts to push this crap and keep the money rolling in for them.

  • JORDAN A says:

    Who else is confused?

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