Best Everyday Material to Use When Creating Your Own Masks

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Best Everyday Material to Use When Creating Your Own Masks

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  • Tom says:

    awesome video keep up the amazing work

  • I Violanti says:

    Thank you for all you and your staff do 🙂

  • CMkarma 555 says:

    Thank you Dr Oz this video is very interesting ❤️🙏😷

  • BrotherTree1 says:

    This is very useful, thank you so much Dr. Mehmet Oz.

  • Euphoric Rain says:

    So much conflicting info our government is giving us. First SG says masks are worse than not wearing one. Then they said n95 or bust. Now they are like hell use anything you want.
    That’s messed up…

  • Lauren says:

    One ASSUMES restaurant staff doing takeout orders DOES follow all proper protocol BUT HOW COULD U KNOW THAT? I went into a McD 2 weeks ago and few in the kitchen were wearing gloves and NO ONE was wearing A MASK!! when I told the mgr that they shd ALL b wearing masks she asked why? she had NO CLUE!!! I told her why and her jaw fell open she was SHOCKED!! if one is NOT going home and can nuke it and eats it immediately instead u could b risking your life! cooks could BREATHE viral spores onto the food; the wrapper the bag the napkins..everything they are near or touch!

  • Janice Frantz says:

    Whoever produce the text graphics needs a refresher course on contrast. Dark text on a dark background is a rookie error.

  • Jane Joe says:

    I couldn’t hardly read the dark lettering. Wonder if anyone could write this out in the comments idk 🙏

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