Are You Doing Keto All Wrong? – Best Weight-Loss Videos

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The Are You Doing Keto All Wrong? – Best Weight-Loss Videos

Dr. Oz reveals groundbreaking research about the benefits of the keto diet. Then, actor Montel Williams opens up about how the keto diet has helped improve his health after a stroke.

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  • QUEEN_BRE says:

    Yeah I lost 7lbs in 2 days from eating Keto Ice Cream rebel and it gave me diarrhea for 2 days straight😡 it’s a no for me

  • Damien says:

    After the first 2 weeks of Keto you won’t have sugar cravings your body will actualy not want to eat most carb rich foods. Push through the first week or so and the keto flu and you will feel so much better off. Done with a 16/8 intermittent fast and the weight will slide right off and stay off while feeling great. 💪

  • sewingqueen11 says:

    I am 64 years old and I started keto about 5 months ago. I have lost 48 pounds so far and feel healthier than ever. I was so over weight that all my body wanted to do was sit in my recliner. Now I hardly ever want to sit in my recliner. My knees would swell up and hurt so bad. It is so well worth it. I promise. You won’t miss the sugars at all. You won’t know this until you try it for at least 2 weeks.

  • lowcarbvalerie47 says:

    Keto works!

  • Melissa Lewis says:

    So wish I could show my before and after photo here! This way of eating is AMAZING!

  • 7thLetter Speaks says:

    Keto Works! I finally tried it. I’ve had High BP for years. 1 month of IF, exercise & keto and my BP is so low I stopped taking my meds. Lost 17lbs and counting. I was taking excedrin & ibuprofen 3 or 4 times a week for migraines and headaches, haven’t touched the stuff. Digestion is better. Inflammation better. More energy. I was intermittent fasting for 1 month before keto and only lost 5lbs.

  • solo streem says:

    Why r u guys asking this thin man who has never been fat in his life how to lose weight. That makes no sense. Oh he can suggest good stuff to u guys, but he has never been fat. Not once. I dont care if hes said hes getting there. Hes never had a problem ever. So. I can see u ppl asking Malisa the gal that plays in the show that the really big cpl was in. She trait went and got the weight loss product, started using it, and now shes a hundred lbs lighter or over a hundred lbs lost. She lost the show because of that though. But we all thought the show was wrong to quit. Like that wasnt a reason to shut it down. Sounded like an excuse to me. So. Keto has to work with and for yr body. If it doesnt u cant use it. But I know everybody’s trying. Just dont ask a skinny guy how to lose weight when hes never been fat. He has no idea what being that fat is. Jesus u ppl. He an guess, but he doesnt know. Like know and understand. Oh my gosh.

  • solo streem says:

    Ketos only good for those who can take it. If u cant then it doesnt matter. I cant have a lot of things on the market due to allergic reactions to things. We just have to live on. Yup. Keto may not work for everyone. Just gotta check it out to see. Read the ingredients. Make sure u know what yr putting in yr body. Yah.

  • Ally235G says:

    I did keto for 6 months. I didnt have a lick of sugar or carbs. I found the diet so inconvenient and expensive. Nice idea, not sustainable.

  • Enrique Valencia says:

    Keto is real, Dr. Oz is a fake.

  • E. D says:

    I gained 30 pounds on keto but it helped me know that carbs was making me tired after eating and having ibs symptoms

  • JORDAN A says:

    I really need this

  • Ted Teddy says:

    High blood pressure is not what caused ur stroke what caused you to have a stroke is probably that you were dehydrated and that raised your blood pressure and you think it’s because of high blood pressure , are you kidding come on man , Do you know if Foss information is far more dangerous than ignorance. God bless and good luck

  • The Ketogenic Society says:

    It definitely works. I have lost 15 pounds since starting on the ketogenic diet. The best part of it all is that all my cravings are GONE. I’m not even counting/cutting any calories and the weight is still dropping like crazy.

    So glad I came across Dr. Bergs channel – Keto is changing lives 🙂

  • El Crew says:

    I’m 3 days in to Keto and I am happy to report that my chronic heartburn has not returned. I used to have it so badly I’ve had to take proton pump inhibitors and if I skip even one day it returns. Keto will now be for the rest of my life.

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