Are You At A Higher Risk?

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Are You At A Higher Risk?

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  • Derion Laird says:

    Someone I can TRUST 🙌🏾

  • Whitney Wise says:

    What if you’re pregnant?

  • Shviko says:

    amazing content keep up the awesome work

  • BTG inferno says:

    Doctor Oz is sich a G. Thank you for speaking honestly on this and not promoting panic. This was more accurate than the garbage media reports.

  • عبير جمال says:

    we need tranzlate to arabic

  • GrowingWithLizzie Liz says:

    Awesome video!!!😁🙏🙏❤❤

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    I have three out of five on board.

  • Angel Lewis says:

    Dr. Oz what can people with RA that take immunosuppressant meds do ?

  • Dolly Perry says:

    Does Asthma not put me at greater risk?

  • jackie alvarez says:

    How about if you have any autoimmune illnesses?

  • Sarah Flores says:

    Me encanta su programa. En español por favor

  • LoveBeautyFun7 says:

    Everyone should do social distancing in order to slow down the virus in general. I disagree with ‘just live normally’.

  • Mira Fawn says:

    Autoimmune Disorders? I keep seeing that everywhere. I have Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Priscilla Browne says:

    You left out a whole group of people with underlying conditions: those of us who have autoimmune disorders and are on immunosuppressants. This is causing a lot of concern in this community.

  • Sharon Howard says:

    Hi Dr Oz, what if I have sarcoidoses on my lungs

  • jacki. B says:

    So Basically this is SARS which went rampant in 2002 . same symptoms same contagious. Why do they call it covid19?

    • NayteThaGreat says:

      Because it’s not? SARS is a lot more deadly, than COVID-19. COVID is more contagious than SARS. Also, they’re different because they’re not even the same virus, that’s why COVID-19 has a different name than SARS. There is quite a large difference between the two, yes they’re in the same class of virus (Cornoviruses) but that doesn’t make them the same virus themselves. There is a lot of different types of Cornoviruses.

    • jacki. B says:

      @NayteThaGreat SARS has the exact same symptoms/ &contagious as covid. There’s really no difference.

  • Dana Casadei says:

    Yes, I live in Italy…

  • L A says:

    More people from suicide 🙄

  • Sugar Xyler the foot model says:

    😄 I’m reclusive anyway, suits me just fine

  • Carol Hospodar says:

    This is a virus, not a bacterial infection so antibiotics won’t help. There is a supplement “Quercitin” that helps combat viral infections

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