Are There Problems With The Way We Use Ventilators To Treat Covid-19 Patients?

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Are there problems with the way we're using ventilators to treat #covid19 patients?

Pulmonologist Dr. Sam Parnia joins me to explain why the way we use ventilators may need to be adjusted.

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  • Kimberly Perkins says:

    I watched a youtube vid it said this in november 2019!

  • All American Dream Chaser says:

    Am I the only white man with hypertension and prediabetes?🤔

  • C Ch says:

    It’s a blood disease causing lung disease!!

  • C Ch says:

    It’s a blood disease causing lung disease!!

  • C Ch says:

    It’s a blood disease causing lung disease!!

  • World of Aviation says:

    surely and hopefully, this virus will be defeated! Greetings from Germany

  • roseagain2 says:

    Please Dr. Oz, interview Dr. Shiva!!!

    Especially if you live in Massachusetts check him out!

  • C E says:

    Dr. John Campbell from England said that they are using CPAP machines and its less invasive for the patients. Why hasn’t anyone here said anything about this?

    • Ruzhki says:

      CPAP is enough for about half of the patients that otherwise needed ventilators, and they are much ezier, cheaper, faster to prododuce, so the big bottleneck is probably the ventilators.

  • Janet Airlines says:

    *what about the nyc trial? Why aren’t we hearing about it???!!!!*

  • Ideoform Sun says:

    The video clip was of an oxygen mask, not a ventilator.

  • infinatenik says:

    The pressure from ventilators expands the lungs opening up cells and receptors and the virus can spread to bigger areas do more damage, jthis is why Boris Johnson was not put on a ventilator.

    • robert koller says:

      infinatenik the virus moved through the body via blood. Expanding the lungs is causing barotrauma.

    • Vanessa Lennox says:

      This is probably why the people who isolate and get better by themselves at home end up living. I feel like people who go to the doctor end up dying because they use ventilators

  • nc3228 says:

    Many did mention about the complications related to this virus
    But no one explained it as clear as this doctor
    Thank you

  • peace to all says:

    Blacks have higher rate of hypertension. 1st line of treatment is often ACE INHIBITORS and ARBS. I am convinced there is a connection.

  • ycart tosey says:

    the chinese found type a blood to be the highest in death and type o as lesser. so this is out the window than?

  • Tanya T says:

    Covid-19 does cause kidney inflammation! This doctor is amazing he knows what he’s dealing with!

  • Krishnan Narayanan says:

    because of pressure only, cuomo just shout ventilator ventilator ventilator!!!!!!!

  • Mae Kelm says:

    Can a person get the Covid-19 twice?

  • Kathleen Bennett says:

    Sounds like dehydration?
    Thick blood, kidney issues, it’s acting like Lupus attacking organs :(:(
    Bless them

  • Safi La says:

    thank you for covering this specific point and i look forward to the questions around minoroties and please explore if vitamin d levels being lower in minorities has a role to play

  • Rita Todd says:

    I have thought this from the beginning, having had 2 family members on a ventilator over the last 6 years, i am well aware of the pros and cons of long term vent use there are no pros.

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