Are Public Gatherings Still Safe? – Coronavirus Common Questions

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Are Public Gatherings Still Safe? – Coronavirus Common Questions

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  • JoeyVonn says:

    Ask yourself, why am I putting my life in danger with so many unknowns…

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    Okay you can get any virus not just the covid-19 by being in a crowded place! So why aren’t we worried about that? I ended up contracting the Norovirus while waiting in a crowded hospital for several hours and was on the shitter for a week and then unknowingly passed it on to half of the college once I supposedly felt better! We need to think about this

  • Vinhhotboi says:

    great tip

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: β€œyou have 29 seconds left to live”


  • Mildred Crowl says:

    I’m having a baby shower for 60
    People in our back yard. Not sure to cancel or have the party. What should we do?

  • Greta I says:

    Corona Viruses are cold viruses. ,

  • Joseph Argibay says:

    I’m not a docter,but i’m going to say no

  • Eleanore K. Leslie says:

    Oz is unbelievable. Where the hell did he get his medical degree?

  • Taylor Jenkins says:

    What about grocery stores, supermarkets?

  • Mary Vermeulen says:

    Is delaying dental visit advisable for those over 60 with underlying conditions? Thank you for your help, cannot find this info anywhere

  • Gayle Bertinelli says:

    Everyone just stay home unless it is for work y as Americans do we think we have to b entertaining our children every min of the day. Just relax n have family time please lets not made it worse then it has to b.

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