An Update On Hydroxychloroquine And Z Pak

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An update on hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak — I just got off the phone with Dr. Didier Raoult. Our conversation will air Tuesday on my show.

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  • Nancy O'Connor says:

    what about use of steroids for inflammation

    • Michael Neuman says:

      I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure steroid use would be horrible in this case because steroids work by interfering with the body’s immune system.

    • TraceurDoc1 says:

      Nancy O’Connor we have been avoiding steroids for now because they may increase viral shedding, which wouldn’t be a good thing. The chloroquine may be helpful by blunting the immune system. People don’t understand that this drug works by decreasing your immune response, because it’s your immune response that leads to lung injury. Your body overreacts and caused increased inflammation and fluid around your alveoli, where oxygen is taken in by your body. The medicine chloroquine may help, but again, the safety of blunting the immune response while you are fighting a virus is one of the questions being asked/tested. Also, long term effects. We haven’t had nearly the time to determine what happens after taking it, but that’s not a good reason to slow usage if it prevents a death now. One thing is for sure, this drug will likely only be used on critical or higher risk to become critical patients. Most people do just fine with rest, soup and time.

    • Marianne Oelund says:

      There are immunomodulator drugs that can be used to moderate the body’s immune response. Doctors are learning quite a bit about treating this disease, and various drugs will be coming on line, so prospects for patients should be steadily improving.

  • Joe Zhou says:

    Tell this to Cuomo, tell him to lift the ban!

    • Ed Carl says:

      Apparently you’re not up to news they’ve been giving the patient these drugs when they first come in!!! Come on keep up with the news

    • James JamesBond says:

      There is no ban and never was. Cummo put in legislation to make sure hospitals and people already prescribed would have the drugs available to them and not deplete the supply.

  • Scruffy Scrubs says:

    If I caught covid-19, I would take this combo! Better then a ventilator!

  • Bill Meck says:

    Common sense says if you can treat early, it will probably greatly reduce the need to go to the already overburdened hospitals. So if you get a positive covid-19 test result and your doctor prescribes Hydroxychloroquine and z-pak to take at home to keep you out of the hospital, you should do it. But if you live in New York State, your Governor (Little Nero) forbids that. There is blood on the hands of Andrew Cuomo.

    • James JamesBond says:

      @Bill Meck Actually that’s fake news. The legislation just makes sure the hospitals and people already prescribed for lupus have enough before people start depleting the supply. If you want to blame anyone it would be the supply chain for not having enough drugs. That’s really no ones fault as it’s not clear if it’s works but if the results are showing this much promise they will start manufacturing them like candy. Trump already called on India to help manufacture the drugs. You have to remember no good scientist or doctor can say it works until it’s proven.

    • James Danks says:

      Supply chain issue is the fault of those who outsourced everything to China.

  • Audie O says:

    Blood is on your hands of those who are delaying and blocking the usage of this drug

  • Aaron P. says:

    The plural of anecdote is data.

  • Rose McDougall says:

    If some people were to check the side-effects of medications that they are already taking … they would NEVER continue to take them. Life is all about risk. And, when your body is already in a CRISIS mode, you will be willing to try anything.

  • Paul Jackson says:

    Double-blind, randomized placebo controlled studies are the gold standard in clinical research, but they take a long time, and with thousands dying every day we don’t have the luxury of relying solely on them. Dr Raoult’s observational studies are a vital contribution to finding and profiling pharmacological treatments, quickly.
    Let’s hope his studies meet with success.

  • cwstars says:

    Look at The South Korea model where HC zPack and Zinc are routine: low mortality

  • Secret Weapon ! says:

    My concern would be people who don’t need it hoarding it all. This could be the new toilet paper…with people who need it not being able to get any.

  • Sofia Pepa says:

    Thank you Dr Oz 🙏

  • speak easy says:

    People need to spend more time making their “IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONGER” because when DEATH COMES KNOCKING, that’s the only thing that’s gonna save you …. And that’s the reality!

  • fllev says:

    Please comment on the addition of Zinc supplements, per reports from So. Korea.

  • Cheryl Palmer says:

    I believe this frfrfr Dr Oz is the best thank you Dr. OZ ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Randy Levine says:

    Big pharma’s influence on government suppressing meds that work because there’s no money in it. – Sickening.

  • Elizabeth Grant says:

    Thank you for sharing!! And yes, isn’t it interesting how possible side effects are suddenly such an issue? Is that political posturing that’s actually happening?

  • Arizona Bound says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for this information. Clearly, the MSM is our enemy!

  • Gary Law says:

    Why do these drugs work against many cases of Covid-19? Google these terms together: Covid-19+Hydroxychloroquine+ Cytokine Storm Syndrome and do some reading.

  • Mighty says:

    Please ask him to add 200 mg per day of zinc to the hydroxychloroquine azithromycin combination. It is going to make a significant difference.

  • slick Rick says:

    Is this man even a doctor. Thought he was caught in a lie before!

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