An Exclusive Look at Mama June’s 261 Pound Weight Loss – Best Celebrity Guests

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An Exclusive Look at Mama June’s 261 Pound Weight Loss – Best Celebrity Guests

In just two years, reality TV star Mama June Shannon dropped over 260 pounds, down to a size 4. She shares an exclusive look at her transformation and opens up to Dr. Oz about what it’s like losing half her body weight.

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  • Penny says:

    you know what i’m sayin

  • kristi mann says:

    You know what I’m saying

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    Didnt this lady have lap band and skin removal cosmetic surgery , trainers, personal chef? Not the authentic experience 🙄
    Please lady

  • thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid says:

    What about the way she is treating her girls. You can loose weight get surgeries eat better and all. But she needs to work on her attitude. Her girls need their MaMa back. She used to be the down to earth mom. Well where is that mom we all fell in love with now?

  • TDanyell V says:

    This is old right?

  • Information world says:

    Good Inspiration, Nice👍👍👍

  • giselle joseph says:

    Mama june needs to get of the drugs

  • Shandele Broyles says:

    She looks odd now. Most people who lose weight, sure look different but she just looks odd. Disproportionate. And she has made everything about her. Not cool.
    Yes props for losing weight but….

  • Suzanne Schulz says:


  • Drew says:

    They need to give the whole truthful story: you will have to get surgery to remove loose skin and make sure to weight train to retain healthy muscle mass or just wear spanx the rest of your life.

  • sharpest shed tool says:

    W😳W!!! Makes me feel ridiculous for not being able to lose my 25lbs of chub!

  • urdu vlogs says:

    She looks half her age now awesome

  • KING LOU says:


  • Frankie Repalda says:

    Hopefully she’s going to keep it off!

  • Sarah S says:

    Congratulations on looking and feeling better.
    You’re looking great!

  • Msgoody 2shoes says:

    Meth….1:30 – 1:32…jeezus.

  • Colleen Anne Johnston says:

    She’s now a drug addict and doesn’t have a relationship with her kids. Weight loss whatever 🙄

  • J S says:

    June loses 261 lbs…..dr oz..”what is it like losing half your weight?”

  • My Hodgepodge Life! says:

    Takes credit for others research.

  • Fraud Exposer says:

    Um yea. You know you guys

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