An E.R. Doctor Infected With Covid-19 Back At Work After Using Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak Protocol

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An E.R. Doctor Infected With Covid-19 Back At Work After Using Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak Protocol

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  • karina iyerusalimets says:

    Good to hear! But how is it still anecdotal if so many people get well with these drugs?

  • Idylchatter says:

    Liposomal zinc is able to enter cells minus the side effects, as does Liposomal Vitamin C.

    • Ian Paredes says:

      Too bad the liposomal C that i normally buy is sold out, but dont worry! You can still get it on amazon for twice the regular price!

    • Brian Ramsey says:

      @Nathan R. We all know who you are. We have all met too many others just like you. You are cheap and common.

    • Nathan R. says:

      @Brian Ramsey Yeah your imaginary knowledge is incredible, wonderful, like nobody has ever seen before, and you are going to win bigly (the imbecile test)

    • 0† 4 says:

      @Ian Paredes and you will have to wait 2 months to get it. Last week I ordered essential health food items and supplements from ‘essential status’ Amazon and won’t get it until the last week of May. Everything I ordered is in stock, but food apparently is not essential. My local health food store is shut down because our governor has declared it nonessential.

    • 0† 4 says:

      @Nathan R. You are a satanist.

  • Laura King says:

    So if people want to take this that have this let them take it. It could save their life and it’s our choice. Also it would stop some of the fear of this if you knew there was something to take if you happen to get it, good for people and good for the economy.

  • infinatenik says:

    Chloroquine z-pak zinc protocol.

  • Tatheer Jumani says:

    Everybody is afraid I don’t know why but they also admit that that it is Hydrochloroquine that helped them I hope he is helping his patients also

  • Kyle Anthony says:

    There needs to be Zinc added! The hydroxychloroquine gets the zinc into the cell and this is what stops the virus. This is much less effective without Zinc.

    • Go Dice says:

      peter conway not necessarily these individuals may have not made enough antibodies to prevent a relapse or worse yet the virus mutated . All viruses we have been exposed to lie dormant in our cells post the infection.


      @Watches of London “Paul Martin so answer me this…… if it’s so great at doing this…… why is it not used for every viral infection?” Up until 20 years ago it was. “Why is it not used to treat normal flu?” If you’re taking about H1N1, quinine was and it was very effective when used preventing infection 97% of the time while leading to deaths in 0% while those receiving no medicine avoided infection 75% while 0.1% died in 1918. A recently as the H1N1 “swine flu” epidemic quinine were tested against “standard therapy” and the conclusion “no significant difference” and abandoned. Because it’s unethical to do a true placebo where no medicine is given (post WW2), both treatment and control groups receive medications if such exist for “standard therapy”. As such the conclusion should have been that quinines were no different from Osteltamivir (tamiflu) the standard treatment in 2009. “Tens if not hundreds of thousands of people die each your from common flu…. we had 14,000 die last your in the UK from flu, why do they not use this drug?” Simple: costs. When osteltamivir was a “brand name drug” it cost about $250 (USD) for 10 pills while quinines cost between $30-50 (USD) for twenty-eight pills. AND, there was a push for vaccines which were only effective in less than 20%. “Why is it not used on every virus?” In the UK, you’d need to ask the NHS. In the US at least, there’s been a push to accept only results of multicenter, placebo controlled double blind studies as those supported by “science” and to denigrate “observational studies” as inferior. Too bad. That attitude shows a fundamental lack of understanding statistics and science.

    • gim707 says:

      @Mark Mc First of all you are wrong. The CDC still has it under trial and emergency use for Covid19. If they suddenly stopped these medications it would be absolutely criminal. We don’t have any conclusive evidence that these treatments are curative, but we certainly are seeing a lot of very promising results.

    • Le Trop Chiant says:

      @mb mb At least he proved that the side effects didn’t killed him

    • umsie says:

      @mb mb EXACTLY!

  • Joanne Gipson says:

    With all the positive outcomes from this protocol, then everyone that can take this medicine their doctors should prescribe it.

  • Patricia Bartosik says:

    He had the virus and it made sense to take both drugs after the diagnosis…

  • Scruffy Scrubs says:

    Best to treat this virus with HCQ early on. But, it’s also very promising for tougher cases. I would take it. It’s better then a ventilator!

  • Billie Nuhfer says:

    It says something about these drugs when a doctor will perscribe them to himself!!!

    • Symona LeoDim says:

      Yes 😆

    • ForsakenConstitution says:

      When you are facing death, you will try anything to stay alive lol!

    • H Johal, PhD says:

      My question is did the drugs actually help him or did the disease go through its natural progress in terms of duration? He took the drugs as long as what is believed to be the lifecycle of the virus before viral shedding.


      @H Johal, PhD Sar Corv2 viral rna can stay in the body for 22-27 days without antiviral treatment. Depending on severity, the viral rna stays in the body between 2-7 days (about 97% is gone) and gone completely in 1-2 weeks. And, reinfection occurs because of defective innate immunity which is why a vaccine will be difficult to make.

  • OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

    using ZOOM….. WTF???? FBI has classified Zoom as Compromised by the CCP

    • Lou Fazio says:

      Yes, WTF

    • Just Suzie says:

      Unfortunately, it holds a steady connection over other apps

    • OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

      @Just Suzie anyone can make an app take over ur phone and do stuff, thats why i am going back to 3G nokia… no apps just like it use to be and no hacked by google android operating system or Apple cos they r just as corrupt as google, facebook, twitter and microsoft… look at bill gates he wants to kill us all with his vaccine.

  • Foodwith Fashion says:

    I’m confused why he didn’t give his partner too

    • Uenbg says:

      @World Traveler yes, but how would all those research corporations make any money on finding a vaccin or other treatment then? Or all those politicians that stand to benefit from pumping money into these corporations cause they have such a vital task to do? Or the corporations that make ventilators and PPE? This simple treatment could ruin a whole lot of people’s profits when more and more people get better quicker with less severe cases for the IC. The very same people that have been saying for 2 months now that it’s unknown if this combo treatment (Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak, and probably some additional Zinc as well) works and dangerous to just try out (even if patients are carefully evaluated and monitored for adverse effects; they don’t seem to care about that detail when making their arguments against this treatment). Followed by politicians and the media trying to convince the general public that they’re much better off giving their taxmoney to these companies and “experts” (the ones with the better deals with the authorities).
      At least in the US and other countries regular practice doctors are allowed to prescribe this drug combo on compassionate basis or as part of a clinical trial they themselves set up, in my country, a regular practicioner who was doing that got shut down by the authorities: ‘not allowed unless we say so’. And the guy was villified in the media as doing something horrible to his patients putting them at risk without full knowledge of what they’re consenting to.

    • World Traveler says:

      @Uenbg These drugs were recently approved by the FDA as experimental drugs for compassionate use. They are off label for this virus, but the point is that it’s what we have available right now. We do need an official cure. The vaccine is also needed, but it will take a while before we have one. And with the vaccine you still have to produce your own antibodies. The convalescent plasma treatment was also approved as an experimental treatment. With that treatment, you are taking the already produced antibodies from a recovered person. These are experimental and anecdotal, but they seem to be providing some promising effects under certain circumstances. This is what we have for now that can carry us over until we have an official vaccine/treatment is my point. And randomized controlled trials are currently being performed on these drugs. Bottom line is how can we help patients NOW.

    • UrDaddyTeddy says:

      Because you don’t pay attention…he said his partner was better after 3 days.

    • Jo Powers says:

      Megan McKnight I heard a lupus doctor explain that if a lupus patient stops hydroxychloroquin it’s effects stay for about 3 more months.

    • Uenbg says:

      @World Traveler Sort of my point, in my country, it’s exceedingly hard to get this drug combo even if you’re aware of it and are choosing it yourself as a patient. Even if your doctor wants to prescribe it, he’ll get in trouble. Most of the time, patients are never told about it. At least in the US, people can choose to participate in clinical trials or receive this drug combo on a compassionate basis, here, the health care authorities decide whether or not you’ll get it, most of the times, you won’t; and they will only do so in the most extreme cases according to their policy (which basically means, ‘not unless we say so’ and in cooperation with those hospitals we have the best relations with, who never speak out against our policies, including the ridiculously restrictive testing policy activated on March 12, which made it even impossible for health care workers with symptoms that work in nursing homes to get a test. Of course they already didn’t get any PPE either, or hardly any. 1 or 2 patients in the nursing home gets tested, and even if they are found to be positive, the rest won’t cause they’ll never treat them in a hospital anyway. When they die, they are not counted as Corona related deaths cause they were never tested. Tests were limited to a hospital environment, only patients that go to hospitals were tested at first. No contact tracing + testing either. And on and on it goes with the ridiculous policies always falling back on the ‘scarcity’-excuse even when there is no scarcity or there didn’t have to be if they simply restocked, which they are often deliberately delaying it seems. Or they’re giving the impression that they’ll take care of it, and then 3 weeks later they’re still using the same ‘scarcity’-excuse or won’t deliver to nursing homes, only hospitals, if we’re talking about PPE for example, or simply not enough; in the meantime, health care workers are working without ANY PPE in nursing homes. And then the media shifts the blame to a nursing home when nearly half the patients of the section for demented elderly die from Corona, completely off the radar, as is happening now concerning a nursing home in Rotterdam for supposedly not following the guidelines of the authorities. Which may very well be the case and which may also be part of it, but those guidelines were wrong to begin with, and it’s certainly not the only nursing home where a similar development has occurred. Nursing homes that _were_ following those guidelines and policies to the letter and did their best with no cooperation or sufficient help from government agencies and organizations in terms of PPE, testing or allowing patients to be hospitalized without the excuse in the policies that determin if someone’s chance of survival is high enough to warrant a hospitalization, ICU, or ventilator, usually depending on age and condition of the patient, which in the end means most of the patients in nursing homes are not hospitalized according to this policy; they’ve basically written them off as ‘nearly dead anyway’. And the way the media talks about this whole system and policy and the way people obediently execute it and _their_ need for psychological assistance to help them cope with these sort of decisions not to hospitalize someone who you know you can help better, basically a way to ease their conscience and make sure they stay in line with the policies… well, I’m getting all sick about it again. Pardon my long rant on the side, which starts with “which basically means, …”). And as demonstrated by the way that general practicioner was pressured to stop prescribing the best treatment in his eyes for his patients, they couldn’t even go against the policies and guidelines even if they wanted to, they’ll drag them in front of a judge if they have to, to take their license to practice away or utterly ruin their careers if they don’t get in line with the program (of screwing people over for profit and their own best interests, and being seen and depicted by the media as saviors who just have a very difficult problem to deal with and are supposedly doing the best they can under the circumstances, yeah right, they’re doing so well with their policies and guidelines and restocking efforts and beautiful graphs and statistics that possibly leave out nearly halve of Corona-related deaths and cases and have a misleading number of hospitalizations because of a restrictive policy for frail elderly with underlying conditions that lower their chance of survival. Yeah duh, especially if you don’t give them the maximum care possible because you’ve written them off as ‘nearly dead anyway’, without the guts to tell that to their faces, you let your indoctrinated career-junkees do that but teach them how to bring it gently without literally spelling it out like that).

  • Caroline Jurcak says:

    We need to get yhis drug out to people!

  • Brandon says:

    This guy has “privileges” gets a dose but us common folk don’t need it

  • CRHK88 says:

    To all of the deniers, it’s incredible that the “party of science” has lost their minds on this one. I couldn’t care less what stock Trump, Pelosi, or any other opportunistic politician has. IF the “cocktail” works, and it can save lives, especially the lives of our elderly family members…TRY it. You guys worship at the altar of scientific “modeling” when it comes to your other pet issues with MUCH less “evidence” than this. Keep in mind that this protocol was published weeks, if not months before Trump even mentioned it because it was working. You guys HATE that guy so much that common sense is gone. A Pulmonologist actually broke down, WEEKS ago, the science of how this kind of combination works. Chloroquine is a zinc ionophore and has been researched for other treatments, including cancer…this is not a Trump’s idea. There are many published studies with zinc, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. STOP with the nonsense, your denial is literally allowing thousands of people to die. Please chose life over your blind tribal politics, you will have plenty of time to get back to hating people later. I am not even a Trump fan, I try to avoid politics. But, these medications have been prescribed literally BILLIONS of times with limited side effects. If the side effects were SO bad, do you think they would keep prescribing….after 40+ years?? C’mon man, think it through. You must not be in health care. My family is, my wife is even an RRT who works with those who have respiratory complications. It’s HORRIBLE watching people go through ARDS or have to get intubated and put on vents. There is always a risk-reward component to any treatment. Doctors around the world are treating thousands of patients with this and having success, there is even a politician in the US with a (D) next to their name thanking Trump for even bringing this to the public because it “saved” their life. But, instead, we focus on people who died from ingesting aquarium cleaner to discredit an actual medication because Trump brought it up??? Please pretend Obama or Clinton brought it up if that’s what you need to get past it. I have family members taking daily medications with worse potential side effects. This is temporary, they don’t take it forever, but it could help them survive a very dangerous situation. WTH has happened to NON-biased critical thinking??

  • Josue Salomon says:

    Don’t believe what they say believe what they do! If it’s good enough for them and their love ones it’s good enough for you and your family.

  • William Babe says:

    Come come, we can’t have a cheap effective remedy for this virus that we have invested so much time and money in creating. That
    would jeopardize trillions of dollars in profits from our vaccine which we intended to make compulsory world wide.

  • Me Me says:

    Only doctors should decide how to treat their patients. It’s up to patients if they want that treatment. PERIOD!!!

  • Merion Sadowitz says:

    He says “I want to get this and get done with it” knowing that he can get this medication. Then goes on to say that not everyone can get this! SO, mere mortals, sucks for the rest of us peons we won’t get the meds and they’ve hidden all the ventilators.

  • Truth Seeker says:

    Yes, we can now safely, reasonably say that hydroxychloroquine with AZT, has a definite impact on the outcome. If this doctor would’ve taken the hydroxychloroquine earlier, in the first week, he wouldn’t have gone through the hell he went through in the second week. People should start taking this drug combination early, in order to avoid severe symptoms, rather than starting the treatment later. This is just common sense. Saying that hydroxychloroquine and Z-PAK /AZT works, is not bad science, its simply reality, as it is occuring in the field, now with thousands of testimonials on the efficacy of this protocol. You can still maintain your “club card” and simply admit it freaking works.

    Pharmaceutical companies hate the idea of hydroxychloroquine and AZT, being an effective treatment for coronavirus, because they can’t patent or have exclusive rights to this protocol. This is a simple, old, well known, now re-purposed drug, that is cheap and widely available. Big pharma, would love to have a new, patented, complicated, expensive solution for the coronavirus, that they control. That’s what makes them billions of dollars, not a simple, cheap solution, they can’t control.

    • André Balsa says:

      Very good points. Yes, the hydroxychloroquine and azythromycin treatment should be started as soon as possible, 100% agree with everything you wrote.

    • C Hoc says:

      Really? Are you trained in the profession and science to make such a determination or just another insignificant nobody on Youtube?

    • BIGMIG says:

      I agree with you but almost everybody won’t be able to do this because doctors aren’t prescribing it mainstream yet. It’s scary that the doctors won’t prescribe this just because there’s no “Studies”. People unfortunately will die because of this .

    • Tina Balay says:

      AZT is part of HIV meds ?

    • barry Carey says:

      How daft. Your suggesting everyone should be taking it preemptively before even contracting the virus, so you want to waste doses of a medication that there is a current shortage of, not to mention it is already a prescribed medication for conditions such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, so you rather steal it from ppl with those conditions so that healthy ppl can take it preventatively when you haven’t even got the virus…….how rediculous and selfish.

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