Amazing Corona Survival Stories: What Can We Learn From Them? – Part 1

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Corona Survival Stories: What Can We Learn From Them? – Part 1

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  • Corey Morales says:

    I currently have coronavirus for 15 days now living in New York. It has been a nightmare to say the least, I still have really bad symptoms but I’m praying I get better soon.

  • Shawn Hill says:

    And to think the only thing that most people dont give credit to the president for putting the cure out there for people to have a chance to get better they just try to find some reason why it couldn’t be true that the president saved thousands of people!stop hating and start listening!

  • tobias ttt says:

    The 90 and 100 y.o. had a false positive in my view. They never had covid 19. A virus this bad cannot leave someone assymptomatic

    • Bot 900 says:

      tobias ttt I’m literally family friends with jean bro😂 I can guarantee you she had the virus. She also wasn’t asymptotic she had symptoms and gave it to her son as well

  • Linda Pelle says:

    Awe, she and her daughter are sooo beautiful, wonderful !

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