Am I not body positive anymore?

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Body positivity. It’s not as straightforward as you think. I used to think I was being body positive if I loved my body, but apparently, it’s not that simple.

After embarking on my 90 day journey, I got so much negativity and backlash from fans saying that I hated my body. Did having a weight loss goal make me automatically a bad role for body positivity? Did having a fat loss goal make me automatically anti body positive?

I wanted to know if I had ever misused the term “body positivity.” I wanted to know what it really meant, where the movement came from, and who body positivity was actually made for. Are thin people allowed to be a part of the body positive movement or is it just for fat people? I wanted to know if I was out of line.

So, I did some heavy research and conducted interviews with women who were actively involved in the body positive community.

Big thank you to the following women!

Connie Sobczak

Simone Mariposa

Lexi Eleni Placourakis:

Natasha Rusilko

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  • Ana Vanson says:

    I’m so proud of everything you do and have accomplished!! You’ve always been an inspiration to me for working out and loving myself!!

  • Anna Thibodeaux says:

    I’ve never watched a video so soon after it posted 🖤

  • Ingrid Cassy says:

    I need motivation to have my middel split.
    Thanks cassey!❤

  • Ida Therese Prestegård Høvik says:

    Cassey, taking care of your body does not mean that you’re not body positive. The challenges you are doing now are wonderful if they make you feel good. The people who judge you for it don’t understand the true meaning of body positivity.

  • Madison Rasmussen says:

    WOW this video is SO important thank you for making this

  • Michelle Pearl says:

    Body positivity is loving yourself, but I don’t know how it turned into not wanting to better yourself. And your videos have always felt like the more real/healthy side of body positivity. <3

  • Mijn says:

    You are my role model and I am so happy I’ve found you 4,5 years ago. Thanks to you I’m getting closer and closer to my happiest self ❤️❤️❤️

  • harshita2763 says:

    Body positivity is all about being happy with your body, loving your body no matter what shape colour or size it is. Body positivity to me means keeping your body healthy and happy. Loving my body through the belly bloats or through the breakouts or tan or even through the flab when I get sick or during the holidays or whenever I’m lazy and just don’t feel like working out for the week.
    You have absolutely made a huge impact on how I see things before and after i started watching your videos.I accept my body for the way it is….. All thanks to you Cassie. You go gurlllll💕

  • Sarah Pope says:

    You’re a bright woman who helps thousands of others. Thanks for helping me. Your energy and workouts change my days.
    All my love and light, thank you.

  • Unique_007 says:

    Cassey is a Goddess.
    Heart of fans
    Soul of the world
    Magic Life
    and most importantly she will always be remembered till ages and ages.

  • Max Imus says:

    sending love Cassey! You didn’t deserve all the hate, and honestly, I loved this video.

  • El Mag says:

    I’m so proud of you Cassey❤🙏

  • freya blackie says:

    *Cassey mentions Aerie*
    Anyone else shop there religiously? Lol

  • Sarah Pope says:

    “If you’re actively shaming someone for their body changing, you’re not being body positive.”

  • Kikkarlin says:

    This was informative and inspiring. Thank you for this! I hope you’re doing well and are not too badly affected by the negativity!

  • Isabel Reyna says:

    Body positivity means loving yourself. It looks different for everyone. Personally I stay true to myself. Love you🥰

  • Victoria Gregoire says:

    Busy positivity is loving yourself through every rep and look in the mirror and telling yourself and your body that you are proud of what it can do

  • Madie Renee says:

    “Change does not mean you hate yourself, it means you love yourself enough to put effort into growing!”
    Cassey, thank you so much for raising that point, it is SO validating to hear someone else say it! ❤

  • 2lazy2procrastinate says:

    At the end of day what matters most is how you feel about yourself. Keep up the good work of working on being the best version of you ❤️❤️❤️

  • CherryHeartKisses Donally says:

    I love that you did this.

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