Alyssa Milano on Surviving Covid-19 and Extreme Hair Loss

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Alyssa Milano on Surviving Covid-19 and Extreme Hair Loss

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  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    The American Academy of Dermatology says hair loss can be caused by genetics, age, hormonal imbalances, other health conditions, medication and, of course, stress. Experts say the type most COVID-19 patients are having is called telogen effluvium, a temporary form caused by a physical or emotional stress, high fever, illness or weight loss of more than 20 pounds — symptoms common with the virus.👍

  • Juanf Gonzalez says:

    You can lose your hair by stressing out to much

    • UwU says:

      You also lose you hair having thyroid Disease. Trust me I have it everyday after I wash my hair I have to clean my brushing for times before I get my hair brushed. She thinks she lost a lot of hair. Put her hair and all the views hair together that won’t Equal half of my hair I lose everyday. It’s so bad when I Vacuum I have to clean the hair out of the brushes from the vacuum cleaner 3 times before I finish vacuuming

    • Samalinaz says:

      @UwU it’s not a competition. No one wants to lose hair no matter what the reason is. Sheesh

  • Isaiah's Reviews says:

    You should see our bathroom floor after a week of my wife brushing her hair 😳 Good God

  • Isaiah's Reviews says:

    6:10 I would really love to know what Dr. OZ is REALLY thinking

  • Just a bad penny says:

    Wasn’t she completely unaware that she had it until she took an antibody test a month later? There’s no way she had it and wasn’t screeching on Twitter about it or mentioning at all.

  • Just a bad penny says:

    No, you won’t ever be back to normal, Alyssa. In the good old days you’d be diagnosed with hysteria and sent to a farm for a few months.

  • sakori INFO ASSAM says:

    I form India. I’m depression paisen please a counseling video give me

  • Ann Wigmore Institute says:

    Hair loss is induced from a zinc deficiency your body leaches the zinc reserves and directs zinc into cells to stop virus from replicating

  • Justin Guidinger says:

    Kinda funny ..a old man gets covid and doesn’t slow him down a young woman does and the world comes to an end

  • G K says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways

  • Ronnie Y says:

    People should look at the relative number, not absolute number of cases in each country… US has more cases because it has higher population. We should look at the percentage of COVID-19 cases to total population of each country. Alyssa, you should remember your physical reaction to COVID is different from other people. Don’t draw conclusion based on your personal experience. Your opinion is not helping at all.

  • Sherry Clark Thomas says:

    Day to day that is how we live now.

  • Jodie Benoit says:

    I lost a lot more hair I do not have covid.

  • Garrett VonKemnow says:

    She just admitted to using her son’s prescription medication… That is a felony offense.

  • ThatGuy says:

    Like Ricky Gervais said “nobody gives af”

  • G A says:

    This is called wealthy Hollywood privilege 🙄🙄. Give me a break!! I’m so sick and tired of people saying Trump isn’t taking this seriously because he got sick. Alyssa, you must of not taking it seriously because you got sick. Who did you put at risk? Who did you infect? What treatment did you get? Just stop!! I’m unfollowing Dr. Oz. This is dumb interview. If you dont have medical insurance, you go to ER. Cuomo didn’t take his illness seriously. He was walking around maskless and infected in the Hamptons.

  • Samalinaz says:

    I am also a covid survivor. I had it back in March, dealing with the symptoms for about a month. A few months after feeling better I started losing my hair as well. I was familiar with losing hair from another traumatic experience. Years ago I also survived ARDS, was on a ventilator and in an induced coma for 3 weeks. That whole ordeal also caused me to lose my hair as well. Hope everyone takes this seriously and stays healthy!

  • Baby Girl says:

    My hair is falling out like never before 😭😭😭

  • Elda Kuyat says:

    I don’t believe hair loss with COVID-19 is proven! Her #’s are incorrect we are hearing the CDC now changing the numbers to lower #’s

  • Lisa Terzulli says:

    Too bad .. but I can’t stand her

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