Airline Meltdowns Caught on Tape

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Airline Meltdowns Caught on Tape

From flight attendants lunging at travelers to disgruntled passengers screaming up and down the aisles, we examine what is setting people off on airplanes.

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  • Peter James says:

    They need to carry sedatives like the hospitals sometimes need to administer 😜

  • Keto Crispy says:

    I will recline!! 7:27

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    Who in the hell let these people out of the crazy ward?

  • thinkabout says:

    I just don’t fly anymore. 6’4″

    • MS Kewinyc says:

      Yeah that guys was tall too. This Wendy lady was just plain inconsiderate and wanting it her way with that seat. They should have moved the guy if they could if the plane wasn’t packed. I try to get the first seats near the wall where there’s a little more room because I’m tall too. 5’9.

    • N. K. says:

      MS Kewinyc also, the guy was on the last row, he can’t recline at all

  • Alejandra Ayala says:

    I’ve never been on a plane and I don’t plan on it.

  • MS Kewinyc says:

    I’d first ask to move to another seat if that didn’t work oh yeah I’d be punching that seat too. There is a such thing as common courtesy. I always ask the person behind me if this is too far on your knees. It looks like he was a tall man and Wendy’s seat back was on his knees. From then on it was a one way ticket to pettyville her and him both not bugging.

  • Violet Rain says:

    It’s rude to recline if the person behind you doesn’t want it. Especially if you’re a tall person, and there becomes no leg room. It can be downright painful if there isn’t enough leg room and someone reclines. They need to just change the seats to stay upright, so this can stop being an issue.

  • Faith Frommyhart says:

    Maybe stop trying to make so much money and squishing people together

  • Anastasia Zoldak says:

    Wendy was ignorant enough to put her head in his face! He asked her a number of times to move!

  • jazzie cat says:

    How about asking before you reclining? wow what a thought.

  • Natalie B. says:

    It’s not worth it to put your life in risk ,in the name of principle. It applies to every aspect and situation of your life. If you know you are dealing with potential dangerous person, you must step away . It’s not worth it being injured or killed. You are juggling with the outcome. People are relying too much on authority, instead of using common sense.

  • Brie’s Thoughts says:

    Anyone else doubt that the reclining lady stayed completely calm when talking to the flight attendant? So everyone is against her? Did she not realize how reclining her seat greatly inconvenienced her fellow passenger?

    Her seat was hit, she was not assaulted.

  • LA K. says:

    Clearly the airlines have pushed the limits and we’re now exoding. That guy with the seat issue, I get it. I do. He’s squished back there, but on the other hand, her seat reclines, so she she should have the ability to recline if she wants, it’s what the damned seat is designed to do. It’s not nice, but it does do it right? The airlines have admitted to making the seating tighter, well, here’s your sign…we don’t fn like it. Fix ur tight seating! I have to tell u. I have flown all my life…and lots of it (I’m 50)…last year I was on one of ur tin cans idling in the tarmac for like a half hour, there was no air on, and I was in a window seat. I started, for the first time in my life, to have claustrophobia. I could have been that woman in the first clip. I’m a very VERY mild mannered person…I thot I was going to lose my gourd! Finally, before I did, they started backing away and turned the air on as the pilot explained he needed to do paperwork first (?!). So yea, I get it. Airlines, I hope YOU get it!

  • Linda Brawley says:

    I would have stood up with a soda in hand and stubbed my toe while my soda flew all over the Billy goat

  • Rachelle McKellips says:

    I’m surprised she continued to allow him to push her seat especially since it hurt, but that’s good that she shared the video so it can be stopped. It’s her right to recline!

  • edy ann V says:

    These people are crazy. I’m just happy that the plane doesn’t crash!

  • Skip Dyver says:

    Dr. Oz: I do recline…in First Class, that is!

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    She paid for that seat for that flight !!

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