A Woman Who Texted Her Dead Father’s Number Every Day Gets The Sweetest Reply Ever!

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A Woman Who Texted Her Dead Father's Number Every Day Get The Sweetest Reply Ever!

Chastity Patterson, 23, lost her father 4 years ago and has been texting his number each night to keep his memory alive.

She was texting him Thursday, the day before the 4th anniversary of his passing, telling him about how she beat cancer and graduated from college with honors.

That’s when she got a reply.

“Hi sweetheart, I am not your father, but I have been getting all your messages for the past 4 years,” the message said.

The man on the other end of the phone introduced himself as Brad and told Chastity about how he lost his daughter in a car wreck in 2014.

He says her messages kept him alive.

“I’m sorry you lost someone so close to you, but I have listened to you over the years,” Brad said. “You are an extraordinary woman and I wish my daughter would have become the woman you are.”

Chastity posted the story on Facebook and it went viral.

She says she can now let her father rest.

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  • LaTanya Porter says:

    Did the same for my husband. Same thing happened…I couldn’t stop callin..I kno….😢😢😢😢😢😢


    WOW what an amazing story!🙏🏽

  • Rosie Pena says:

    This story sounds like it came from a Hollywood movie! Incredible!

  • 876ME says:

    Absolutely beautiful story! What an incredible young lady!

  • sassygirl says:

    Who’s cutting onions?! 😪

  • DoctorOz says:

    Don’t Forget to Subscribe http://bit.ly/DoctorOZ and Share This Incredible Story!

  • Eye On Antisemitism Monitoring says:

    Gd works in mysterious ways

  • Jay Acevedo says:

    “Coincidences are God’s way of working anonymously” – Albert Einstein

  • CMo says:

    God’s timing is perfect

  • majoomj says:

    I need a part two please

  • Vanessa Martinez says:

    Brought me to tears. Such a kind man on the other end of the phone. Most ppl would’ve been curse her out lol.

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    I heard this story on the radio. It is so refreshing to see this Lady.
    God Bless Her and I hope she never gets cancer again.

  • Brenda Brown says:

    My dad passed in Aug of 218 and He called me in January of 2018 to say happy birthday. I was out with my husband celebrating. I have been saving the voicemail message ever since. I wish I could let others hear what he said to me. I Miss dad very much but I know he no longer has to suffer from cancer and he believed in God and I know he is resting in the Lord. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Phoenix Rising says:

    Omg bruh, didn’t think that would make me cry wtf

  • Pushiesmakeover says:

    I cried so much because I lost my dad and I miss him everyday.

  • Esti Ray says:

    Tears began flowing! God I pray my dad stays around long enough to see my unborn son ❤🙏🏽😇

  • Gabrielle Kelly says:

    God is bigger than your pain. He worked everything together for their good. When Jesus was on the cross he told John; Dear woman, here is your son. And to his disciple here is your mother.

  • Abiding in Christ says:

    Jesus said “Blessed be those who mourn, for they will be comforted” Matthew 5:4

  • Officially Troubled says:

    This is so amazing and it’s no mistake. How can a dad who lost his daughter get a girl who lost her dad? God has a plan for everyone. Best story.

  • CA2SD says:

    I’m going tell my dad, “ I love you.”
    ❤️ Life is short.

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