A Woman Who Texted Her Dead Father’s Number Every Day Get The Sweetest Reply Ever! – Part 2

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A Woman Who Texted Her Dead Father's Number Every Day Get The Sweetest Reply Ever! – Part 2

Chastity Patterson, 23, lost her father 4 years ago and has been texting his number each night to keep his memory alive.

She was texting him Thursday, the day before the 4th anniversary of his passing, telling him about how she beat cancer and graduated from college with honors.

That’s when she got a reply.

“Hi sweetheart, I am not your father, but I have been getting all your messages for the past 4 years,” the message said.

The man on the other end of the phone introduced himself as Brad and told Chastity about how he lost his daughter in a car wreck in 2014.

He says her messages kept him alive.

“I’m sorry you lost someone so close to you, but I have listened to you over the years,” Brad said. “You are an extraordinary woman and I wish my daughter would have become the woman you are.”

Chastity posted the story on Facebook and it went viral.

She says she can now let her father rest.

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  • Born2Reign says:

    Where’s Brad!?!

  • North of the Rio Grande says:

    Why are these people so afraid to acknowledge divine intervention ?

    • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

      Why are Christians so afraid to acknowledge *science*

    • North of the Rio Grande says:

      @SUGAR XYLER !!! science is man’s way of explaining what God has created. Every discovery brings us closer to our creator. To think that we used to believe the world was flat and that the sun just went away at night, or that eating shellfish was bad because we didn’t understand what happened when you took shrimp and oysters across the desert. In so many ways religion saved us from our own lack of scientific knowledge. Thank god that we were made to learn from our mistakes, because there are many more to make; especially for those that make the mistake of replacing faith with knowledge. There is always room for faith, no matter how well you understand the science. Also, some of the world’s greatest scientists are Christians and Muslims.

    • Constantia de Gier says:

      North of the Rio Grande
      Correctly said. It’s pure fear.
      I talk every day with my guides. I see them …
      And no I’m not lying. I have a very serious professional profile.
      I’m not crazy.
      I have 100% proof that death doesn’t exist.
      While I write this at 6 am in the morning, they are touching my hair.
      They do that, or they touch my upper hand with their aura.
      It’s so beautiful.

    • URHO says:

      @North of the Rio Grande thank you I love you



  • Sarah says:

    Whenever people say ‘there are no coincidences’ I always think what about random murders and people that are good that come into contact with monsters….. What lesson could possibly come from that?!

  • The Arch1tect says:

    A median?? GTFO here!! Story is now ruined.

  • Plain Jane says:

    I need to hear from my deceased aunt Hattie Sue.. I miss her so much😭 Only one who expected me for me.

  • K de la Cruz says:

    I came here for Brad and got a median’s thoughts


  • Adrian Oldfield says:

    Dr Oz, why bring that “medium” on? FFS

  • ASMR MUGBANG says:

    The physics ruined it for all of us.

  • dizzie337 says:

    ohh c’mon! Absolutely ruined a beautiful experience by having this phony “medium” bs her way into it! Disappointing Dr Oz

  • Annie says:

    WOW! Not only an amazing story, which I undoubtedly believe is the work of both father & daughter in HEAVEN, but what a stunningly exquisite young lady! She has been blessed with EVERYTHING … beauty, brains, compassion GALORE! 👼🥰💕
    Much love and admiration from 👉 🌈 South Africa 🌍🌞🐘🦏

  • The White Apple says:

    If anyone thinks this medium is real…..

    I’m Dr Oz 🤷‍♀️

  • Cheyenne Castro says:

    I love how she explained things so clearly. She’s an intelligent young woman. And also how she shut down the “medium” by explaining her career wasn’t going to be counseling.

    • Nicole Chery says:

      Cheyenne Castro I was looking for this comment! That lady tried it, trying to make herself seem like a supernatural communicator with a message from her father! Attempting to profit off her pain. Her Father will communicate with her directly and she knows this. So dont try to play on her emotions!

    • Maranatha Soon says:

      Yes exactly

    • Paradise Sweetz says:

      @Nicole Chery right talking about she sees him holding some skates and when she didn’t respond to that she quickly said he wants you to have fun 🙄

  • jwathas says:

    I wanted to see and hear from Brad…….

  • William E. says:

    Everyone’s looking for Brad, but I think she eloquently said it best… although it’s a touching story, it isn’t just HER story. It took him 4 years to even respond to her; he probably isn’t going to be that elated to now respond to the world. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking when he responded to her, that his message would be shared with many others, let alone go viral.

  • Jess says:

    Anyone who thinks, they are talking to past loved ones; you are being DECEIVED by satan and his minions.

  • Velecia Arr says:

    Give God all of the glory. He did this. HE did this!

  • Linda Casey says:

    Oh, that poor man doesn’t know what he’s missing in allowing this lovely woman to help him with his grief. What a wonderful story. 🌹

  • Abbie Price says:

    Who else thought that this video would end with Chastity meeting Brad?

  • jgreening says:

    Will y’all stop saying “brad doesn’t wanna meet her “ he’s still going through something too. Maybe he doesn’t wanna be in the public eye, maybe he doesn’t want it to end so he can feel close to his daughter.

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