A Woman Explores Her Mental Health with Dr. Oz

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Antidepressant and psychiatric drugs can help many individuals with mental health conditions but is there a better way to prescribe them? Guest Kristen opens up about the severity of her depression and her prolonged struggle to get help.

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  • The Josh O Show says:

    If you’re reading this, have a great day today simply because you deserve it 🙂

  • LAYAL Azzam says:

    Oh thats so sad thank god for every thing

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Place your hand over your heart
    Can you feel it
    That’s called purpose
    You’re alive for a reason
    So don’t ever give up

  • Pri USA says:

    What exactly DNA testing is this?? Can insurance pay for it? Thanks

  • Msgoody 2shoes says:

    This is complete horseshit. Nothing but placebo.

  • Kayla D says:

    So brave to share.

  • Ms.G. says:

    What insurance on this planet will ever pay for genetic testing?! Mental issue is a horrific debilitating disease.
    Lets fight and pray for all the beautiful God created people that feel lost and hopeless. Help them God find freedom and help within the physician and psychiatric fields in Jesus name. ♨️

  • Liam Abbott says:

    My mom took her own life due to depression. This video gives me a better understanding of what was really happening in her and other people’s lives who experience depression. It’s good to hear that medical care is getting better and better. My prayers are with anyone who suffers from depression. It’s a terrible thing.

  • Theresa Kleven says:

    Just because you feel better doesnt mean you are better. With some of us we need to take the pill everyday. Sorry she had to go through this.

  • Eva Garcia says:

    SAM-e helped me a lot as well as beef liver supplements and relying more on God

  • MsGinahidesout says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know that this existed! Thanks

  • Laugh A lot says:

    Dr Oz is a unique person ❤️

  • Simone says:

    Insurance will never pay for this. Sad…. so many could benefit from this!

  • arescue says:

    Can they make a Crispr treatment for her?

  • Cristina D says:

    She need folic acid.

  • sara varsanov says:

    I love Dr Oz and his compassion for people . I pray for this girl . I have a few people in my family with mental health issues .It is so hard to understand and people think you are crazy but they are not . Sometimes you need medication and therapy and people around you to give you emotional support .

  • Wayne Hickey says:

    I myself have been on many different types of antidepressants throughout my 30 year’s . Like her they only work for 4 year’s . And still no doctor in Australia sem to careless so maybe should keep finding someone who will listen to me because I fell really lost.

  • Ryan Kelly says:

    Aside from this type of testing, there is currently no biomarker testing that allows clinicians to obtain objective data that shows the intervention actually works.
    This type of genetic testing has been available for quite some time. The results will show a general number of meds that your body is most likely to respond positively too versus least likely to respond positively too

  • Mich says:

    I researched women with tubes tied die faster. You get blood clots that make u angrier to an aneurism u need go to the doctor cause it a turniket that cuts off blood flow tl ur cervic and that itll give ngu and period problems. Sorry I understood not kill u with more babies of u but i love you to go ask a doctor. Virgins Zoluminati is never not sorry for channy Joseph Tatum

  • Jeffrey Burke says:

    His name is JESUS!!!

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