7 Salad Toppings You Should Avoid – Dr Oz’s Healthy Hacks

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7 Salad Toppings You Should Avoid – Dr Oz's Healthy Hacks

Putting an ingredient into a salad doesn’t mean it qualifies as healthy. Here are seven toppings you should avoid.

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  • Marlyn says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:


  • Ryback TV says:


  • Tita Sabala says:

    I thought dried fruits was healthy

  • King X Fernando says:

    I thought nuts were healthy in moderation..

  • Abdul Aziz Al Hosani says:

    HAH! Guess what, I don’t eat bacon (pigs meat)

  • Leviathan 999 says:

    And then they came for the bacon…. You will have to pry my bacon from my cold dead hands! I love bacon more than my wife… good thing I’m not married. But if I was, I would be in trouble for saying that.

  • Teri Cook says:

    Add bacon and hard boiled eggs

  • Karen O says:

    Americans eat too LITTLE fat. This is a cause of dementia. Bacon has most of the fat cooked out anyway. Make your own olive oil mayo and have creamy dressings. I have lost 41 pounds on a 70% fat Keto diet.

  • mistyaaa says:

    Dr. Oz is getting funky with the music. Love it!

  • brianna figueroa says:

    doctor: “you have 45 seconds left to live”


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