5 Uplifting COVID 19 Facts for Some Much Needed Positivity

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5 Uplifting COVID 19 Facts for Some Much Needed Positivity

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  • 63 Rambler says:

    Great news and pretty music

  • G Mullet says:

    Until we have a #Masks4All policy in place there can be no recovery.

  • Pete Kondolios says:

    Dr. Oz, do you use that foot bath body purge thst is advertised before your video

    PS bronze today ( tunch)

  • TurboCMinusMinus says:

    You want to uplift people? Disprove the rumors of deaths by reinfection. Everything listed here is pure spin.


      “You want to uplift people? Disprove the rumors of deaths by reinfection. Everything listed here is pure spin.” Those aren’t rumors. That’s immunology. Specifically the innate immune system. That’s the reason vaccines against corona virus family members has never been safely developed.

  • Steven Bass says:

    Sorry, but I don’t believe anything that Ozzie says.

  • diannedugan says:

    You just lost me with your comments any an acceptable loss of school age children due to the virus. I am unsubscribing now. Shame on you.

  • TyrranicalT-Rad says:

    I’ve gotten better medical advice Dr. Scholls.

  • Allaric Harosyn says:

    Thanks šŸ˜Š for this Oz you are the best

  • bunnnyful says:

    Dr. Oz I have lost complete faith and respect for you. Misleading information about this virus coming from you, asking schools to reopen? encouraging the country opens while people are dying?pushing a drug shown to be innefective? Stay home, it saves lives!

    • Shasha8674 says:

      @Siya There may never be a vaccine that works and vaccines may hurt/kill/burden the immune system etc.. People maybe poisoning themselves with the hand sanitizers. Home schooled kids are smart/get a good education. The numbers are not correct. They were calling deaths from many reasons the Corona virus.

    • bunnnyful says:

      I invite you to have a walk through New York, you cant argue with facts. FACTS are people have died in mass amounts, people will continue getting sick in alarming numbers. This is not about fake news or political parties. People are dying from this virus.

    • Shasha8674 says:

      @bunnnyful The test may give them the virus and can also be false positive. They may have been inoculated by the test kit and ventilators may kill all but 2% since they put you in a coma which is dangerous and the ventilator may have the wrong pressure/speed. They may have other conditions. 8000 people die a month in the United States from many reasons. They may cause their deaths the Corona virus since they will get extra money and 3X the money if they put them on a ventilator. The states with the Democratic governor may have more deaths maybe due to scamming the system for money and trying to keep the economy shut down to trash Trump.

    • Aesop2u2too says:

      @bunnnyful , you are a Troll!

  • jennifer jones says:

    Oh no way try to block all the crap and lies. Should be ashamed of yourself. I will never watch you Phil or Drew, ever. Your KARMA is coming. Would you be sending baby GiGi to school?

    • Shasha8674 says:

      The regular flu hurt more people than this virus which they pretended deaths were due to it, when it was due to a car accident etc. 2000mg of fish oil daily stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. Home schooling is good. God bless!

  • Mondo A says:

    God bless you Dr. Oz.

  • A Mascia says:

    US cases take a turn.

    PS: Judging from comments, I’d say you are attempting the impossible. Thanks for trying. šŸ‘šŸ¼

  • Norma Martinez says:

    I am unsubscribing, I don’t like your comments about the children in school. Also promoting a medication to treat Corona virus with not many research made. I am not watching your show any more.

  • Norma Martinez says:

    Shame on you Dr Oz. I never watching your show or Dr Phil or Dr Drew again! šŸ‘Ž

  • Karen says:

    I used to have great respect for you: however, you teaming up with Hanerty and wanting to send kids back to school sooner than later makes me ill. Unsubscribe button is my saying adios…

  • Anti Singh says:

    Dr. Oz is such a show off guy. He was saying Covid19 is nothing compared to flu and other viruses.
    He even compared deaths caused by Covid19 is very small compared to deaths by car accidents.
    Such a TV guy. He shouldn’t have been a doctor. He will lose the license for sure.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Vaccines may hurt/kill people..not comforting. Natural help instead of a vaccine should be honored. Test kits may be false positive and some were contaminated with the virus and spread the virus. Numbers may have been faked to get more money. Any death may have been called the Corona virus. God bless all!

  • justiceforall says:


  • M Winter says:

    Shameful comments on here. Iā€™m newly subscribed and I thank you for your work. Some people are just stupid.

  • Aesop2u2too says:

    Dr Oz we still love you, some people just cant handle the truth.

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