5 Things You Should Never Microwave

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Dr. Oz reveals five things you should never microwave and one thing you always should. Take a look at why you need to think twice about what you decide to nuke. Chef Roblé Ali walks us through the best ways to reheat certain foods.

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Mike West says:

    oh my goodness can’t believe someone microwave a ramen in a plastic bowl certified idiot 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Alexx Allert says:

    Heres a secret…dont microwave anything radiation will destroy your food

  • Jesse H says:

    I can’t even imagine putting a mask in a microwave

  • Karen Latham says:

    when talking about bread it’s a few seconds not a few minutes.. I can’t even imagine heating bread for minutes in a microwave.

  • SLiMDeeZuL says:

    Good OL VodKa to Clean my Mask. 😷 Cheers. 🥃🥃

  • Parwin Ali says:

    NO mask here??

  • SpaceBars SpaceBars says:

    Whoever would put clothes in a microwave anyways is just stupid. People should have commonsense.

  • SpaceBars SpaceBars says:

    I would never and have never put any of this stuff in a microwave anyways.

  • SpaceBars SpaceBars says:

    Commonsense should prevail. Use your brain people

  • Garrett VonKemnow says:

    What about microwave popcorn???

    • John Gohde says:

      Easy. Purchase a tiny crock pot (such as 1 quart) from thrift store. Pour loose corn one or two layers deep in bottom. Pour some oil in bottom. Swirl it around until loose corn is level. Put a couple of paper plates on top. Cook at full power between 4 and 5 minutes. Then let the corn pop for just 2 minutes. Use that crock pot for just popping corn.

    • Christina says:

      Tastes so much better on the stovetop

  • John Gohde says:

    I must be a microwave genius cause I have used it for a good 30 years, without one mishap.

  • Rachel Kivarkis says:

    Thank u Dr. Oz, great tips. 🙏

  • John Gohde says:

    My general rule of thumb is when it comes to food and bread, is always use very low power. My perfect method for softening up stale bagel is, first soak the inside of a big glass bowl. Flip the bowl upside down on top of one bagel and then cook for 3 minutes at power level 2.

  • Ileana Graells says:

    I’ll personally do not use the microwave it rubs the food from its nutrients I don’t own one

  • Valerieann Rumpf says:

    My now former roommate tried to bake muffins in a metal baking pan in the microwave and it set off the fire alarm. That’s one of the reasons why she is now my former roommate.

  • Lady Kroft says:

    I was terrify

  • woodswal says:

    I like this chef. Great segment.

  • Cindy Jefferson says:

    Always read instructions do’s and don’t!!

  • Mirta Sevilla says:

    Por favor en castellano

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