4 Ways to Prevent Loneliness While Social Distancing

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4 Ways to Prevent Loneliness While Social Distancing

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  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    nice video keep up the amazing work

  • Aspasia Frederic says:

    Thanks for sharing. Shared immediately this post. Excellent. I have already been doing this and more dsily! Whooottt whooottt

  • Diana Moore says:

    loneliness is the least of my worries…i need money to eat and pay rent which is sending me into a deep depression

  • Ideoform Sun says:

    I like to find things or aspects of things that are positive, even during difficult times.
    I like to list things I am grateful for.
    This seems to work even better, the worse the events are.
    So far: I am thinking it is nice that gasoline prices went down.
    There is less driving on my busy street, so it is so much more quiet.
    Social distancing will help slow the spread of the flu too, since this is still flu season.
    More people will be comfortable using bidets to be cleaner and use less toilet paper.
    Everyone who wants to loose weight might get their wish if the stores don’t restock right away.
    All the money that people don’t spend will still be there after the pandemic is over to help restart business activity.
    Cruise ships might be used to be hospital rooms for only the sick, and the doctors will teach the cruise ships how to be safer.
    People are going to cook at home more, and maybe even learn to cook from scratch.
    People will have time to plant a garden.
    Most people will only get mild to moderate symptoms, and then recover.
    The many recovered people can donate antibodies to the sick.
    Many more people will continue to work from home, creating less smog, and being there for their children.
    Homeschooling might become more popular, letting kids be able to learn in a unique way that might be more positive, and more flexible, and less stressful for certain children.
    People will have time to get all their laundry done.
    Houses will be cleaner than ever.
    Commutes will be much shorter.
    There might be fewer car accidents.
    There might be less road rage.
    Air quality might get better.
    People will take more walks in nature.
    People will have time to meditate.
    People will have time to learn a new hobby, or enjoy an old one.
    People can spend time imagining a new reset of life, doing different things in different ways going forward.
    People will be able to appreciate all the blessings they have been able to enjoy, while they are on pause.

    Wash hands
    Don’t spit
    Don’t cough
    Don’t touch anything
    Stop shaking hands, hugging, high fives, hand bumps
    Bring your own pen and pencil to write with, don’t use the shared ones
    Shop at times no one else does
    Put hand sanitizer in your car, use it every time you get in
    Wash your eyeglasses often
    Don’t wear bracelets when you go out, if you do, wash them
    Stay away from groups, gatherings, conferences, concerts, meetings
    Reconsider public transit, airports, airplanes, trains, cruises, taxis
    Stay away from hospitals and clinics, call first if you have symptoms
    Don’t visit Grandma and Grandpa if you are sick, stay away from nursing homes
    Stay away from Daycares, and groups of young children, these can be carriers
    Be prepared to self-isolate for two weeks, while feeling sick
    Wash your clothes, or rotate to fresh clothes daily
    Get outside and get fresh air and lots of sunlight…..just not around other people, or in heavily populated areas
    Don’t travel overseas
    Fill up your tank of gas, buy 2 weeks of necessities, including medicines
    Don’t hoard masks or anything medical, just get what you need for yourself and your family
    Learn more about viruses and how they spread and teach your family
    Stay healthy

    Buy some 60% alcohol, like vodka. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe all the things in your house, or office, or hospital room that people touch, like light switches, cell phones, keyboards, remote controls, IPads, fan pulls, knobs, hand rails, elevator buttons, oven buttons, push plates on doors, and door knobs. You can use this to sterilize skin before an injection, too.

    I don’t like to use denatured or rubbing alcohol because of the irritating additive added to it.

    Buy some hydrogen peroxide and spray it around a room, in the air, and on fabric furniture. I bought a case of food grade hydrogen peroxide and I dilute it to 3% for home use. It’s safe. The by-product is simply oxygen. You can clean surfaces with this, and you can even add some of this to bath water.

    You can buy a strong UV, ultraviolet light to disinfect a room when no one is in it. It can fade fabric colors, and some kinds of artwork.

    You can use an ozone generator the same way. Move humans, pets, fish, plants and artwork out of the room first. Open the windows afterwards.

    You can buy a gallon of inexpensive cleaning vinegar in most groceries. It’s extra strong so you can dilute it. Put it into a spray bottle with half water, half cleaning vinegar. This will clean most things well. For extra insurance, wipe off any biological materials first, then spray and clean with vinegar solution, then spray again with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, and leave that on.

    You can use drinkable vodka on a folded paper towel as a wet wipe, and you can use this on your eyelids, nose, and mouth area.

    Iodine disinfects, too. Buy some Lugol’s liquid Iodine, and put a dropperful into a basin of water to wash your produce.

    Some people use colloidal silver, internally, but I haven’t used it myself.

    Elderberry syrup has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of a viral infection, and can shorten the length of the illness. You might try drinking elderberry wine, also.

    1 – 2 grams per day of L Lysine, 10,000 units of Vitamin D3, 50 – 100 mg of zinc/copper, 25,000 IU of vitamin A, (temporarily, adult dose) and vitamin C can help.
    Don’t take more than 40 mg of zinc long termor it will make you sick.


    NAC supplement ( N acetyl choline ) helps the immune system

    Edible version of Star Anise can work to slow viral reproduction. Make a strong tea by boiling, then simmering a few stars for an hour or two in some water. Add a little of this concentrate to your drinking water with some lemon juice. I made this for cold symptoms recently. I added some dandelion root, ginger pieces, and elderberry syrup into the pot with the star anise. Make sure it’s not the decorative variety of Star Anise, which can be poisonous.

    If you are infected and you have trouble breathing, take off your mask. Some of the people collapsing might be having trouble because of rebreathing air inside the mask too much. This might make you more contagious, so make sure others around you are wearing a mask and washing their hands.

    Wash your hands before touching your face or nose. Maybe wear gloves of any kind, when you go out, to remind you not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth until you can wash your hands first.
    I wear some thin, decorative gardening gloves when I go out. I have 7 pairs and rotate them each day so the virus has a chance to expire before I put it on again.
    I remember when everybody wore gloves when going out. I think this habit or style is from when our great grandparents had to deal with the last lethal pandemic that was called the Spanish Flu, which was worldwide 100 years ago, but because of the war, only Spain was reporting on it.

    If you are near infected people, don’t just wear a mask, wear eyeglasses or even better, goggles, like swimming goggles or science goggles. Or safety glasses.

    Bring soap with you when you go out, in case a place runs out or doesn’t supply any soap. Wash your hands before eating, or use a wet wipe you bring with you.

    Wash your hands when you return home after going out in public.

    Guaifenesin, or the active ingredient in Mucinex, works to loosen mucus in your lungs and sinuses to help you breathe better, if you have symptoms of a viral illness.

    For a sore throat:
    In 8 to 12 ounces of pure, hot, but not boiling water, add a tablespoon of raw local honey, 1 – 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
    Stir well and sip throughout the day.

    Get enough sleep. The rest and repair system of your body works between 10pm and 2 am. You have to be asleep, not just resting. This helps your immune system.
    Avoid processed sugar. It slows down the immune system.

    If you are around infected people, wash your clothes daily. Have spare clothes on hand in case someone coughs or sneezes on you.
    I walk around with a light scarf that can cover my face if I need it to.

    I carry a bamboo set of utensils in a fanny pack. I don’t like how well some restaurants wash the dishes. It is a fork, knife, spoon, and straw, wrapped in a cloth napkin. I carry a canning jar with lid that has an insulated wool wrap to carry hot drinks, and it doesn’t leak so I can put it right into my book bag. Every time I decide to use these I save a bunch of stuff going into a landfill or the ocean. I also carry my own pretty cloth napkin that I wash at home.

    Kindness, patience, integrity, civility, citizenship, cleanliness, structure.

    Say what you mean, mean what you say.

    This, too, shall pass.

  • Sam. A says:

    Thank you doctor OZ we need more video positive like that,we are really overwhelmed by all this NEGATIVE INFORMATION it is draining my energies

  • Sugar Xyler the foot model says:

    ✔ You can also write a letter to someone *if you still know how*

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 1 minute and 9 seconds left to live”


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