4 Tips for Eating Well out of Your Freezer

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And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.
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  • Robin Bird62 says:

    I have been making batches of homemade soups and meals, it’s way healthier and cost effective too! ❤

  • Shapour says:

    Do you have some tips for making money online?

  • Atlanta Guns says:

    Yup frozen meats, frozen veggies and rice is all you need to get by.

  • TheUnitedSardines says:

    The size of the fridge and the amount of food its either a large family or they don’t want to visit the store for a month or two or they are overeating 🐽

  • Hope Johnson says:

    That freezer looks dirty and disgusting

  • Te Ya says:

    Avoid frozen food eat fresh

  • Karen O says:

    No. Why buy ‘fresh’and freeze it? Buy frozen. It is flash frozen hours after harvest advise actually more nutritious. Of course it’s different if it’s from your garden.

  • Cherryblossom ink says:

    Great 👍 ideas thanks mr Oz

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