4 Mistakes You Make Shaving Your Legs

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Are you ready for short shorts this summer but your legs could use a little help? Dr. Oz shows you the top mistakes youโ€™re making when shaving your legs and what you can do to avoid them.

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  • E C says:

    Obvious paid actors are obvious.

  • pinkfreud62 says:

    Screw shaving downward. I’ve been shaving upwards for many, many years and yea, I get nicks sometimes, but it’s never turned into a candidate for amputation!

    • Suzanne-Abigail Claxton says:

      you’re still alive so there’s still a chance for it to happen… be careful.

    • AsHLiegh STeVie MaRie-HoPe says:

      Yeah and i get a cut. maybe once every few months…nothin crazy. I’m not gonna shave to still be hairy or picky. If so then I would rather noth shave… no point to me.

    • asdf ghjk says:

      @McBirdsong wow that is crazy. I shave down and it actually has helped me not get ingrowns. I feel bad for ya. Hopefully it wont happen again.

    • asdf ghjk says:

      @AsHLiegh STeVie MaRie-HoPe when I shave dow my legs still feel smooth and they look hairless. I have coarse hair too.

    • TheCrayRay says:

      ikr so true!! like seriously I don’t know how people are shaving but they’re always like “OMG I nicked myself while shaving and it bled everywhere!! :O ” and I’m here like: *face palm* “Really?” “how like how ? are you shaving with a butcher knife or something or idk??” lol XD

  • bit of everything says:

    dry shaving would kill me. I itch and burn just regular shaving

  • uสop วpฤฑsdn says:

    “shaving cream? where can i get that?” obviously paid actor, as if she’s never heard of shaving creme.

  • uสop วpฤฑsdn says:

    I’d rather take a chance on getting nicks and cuts than spend time shaving and still have hair on my legs.

  • A the white dad says:

    You can kick rocks if you REALLY think I’m gonna spend 2 hours trying to shave downwards ๐Ÿ˜

  • TiFFerzZehNiNjA says:

    but… if you shave downward you’ll feel pricks

  • Jessie Marie says:

    Even razor companies display in their commercials to shave upwards. I’ve seen those kinds of commercials since before I was old enough to shave. Misinformation I suppose.

  • Chloe Greaves says:

    I don’t get razor burns or cuts when I shave up sooooo. Bye๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Lola Grace says:

    wtf I will never shave down who does that

  • POPPYSILK says:

    The third girl sounded and acted like a actor who can’t act.

  • Brigh Geal says:

    Remember when doctor oz was actually useful?

  • Maddie Ashton says:

    Or just don’t shave and wear shorts anyway ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 100SmilesAway says:

    Lmao that last girl is definitely an actress, and a bad one

  • pandakatiefominz says:

    I shave upwards and I’ve literally never nicked myself/got razor burn/whatever.

  • Gabriella Beauty says:

    cut the bs and shave with coconut oil or conditioner
    youre life will change trust me

  • Ashli Hollander says:

    Dr. Oz please tell me how I should be breathing. Idk how

  • HelenaBlack80 says:

    Who tf shaves their legs in the car!!??

  • supreme says:

    4:06 she needs an oscar, almost fooled me there

  • _Broken_Butterfly_ 2264826 says:

    *continues shaving upwards because I’m experienced and rarely knick my skin*

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