3 Things We Need To Do Right Now To Prevent Another Lockdown

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3 Things We Need To Do Right Now To Prevent Another Lockdown

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  • Mary Torres says:

    Hello 👋 just watch the show Dr. Oz

  • Mary Torres says:

    What a nightmare

  • Fabian Gong says:

    Do your part,Wear your Masks,stay 8 feet apart..wash your paws…

  • marilyn chivers says:

    Wow!!!!! We are all going to die !!!!!

  • Sarah Holbrook says:

    So sad because a lot of people think Covid is a scam

    • Pat Ortz says:

      Mostly trumpers

    • Kristy Smith says:

      No, they are not reporting the correct numbers and they are counting every death a covid.
      You can read it on the CDC website.
      The WHO said Lockdowns don’t work.
      People are getting covid that wear mask its on the CDC website.
      The virus is real. What happened to the flu cases?🤔
      Even if a 💉 comes available the virus has already mutated over 12 thousand times, so it’s not a cure.

    • Pat Ortz says:

      Most people i know wear a mask and wash their hands..not even one has a cold much less the flu…hmmmm could it be because of masks and hand washing????….I stay away from non maskers

    • Chris Jansen says:

      @Pat Ortz Do they wear a hazmat suit with goggles? If not, then the mask and washing hands isnt doing a single damn thing. Youre just a fool.

  • J R says:

    How to prevent a third lockdown- don’t vote for Biden. They’re the party that loves lockdowns.

    People are fatigued because what we are hearing in the media is not what we are seeing in the real world. We do see the consequences of shutting our world down though. All our media does is talk about increase in cases- meanwhile our hospital and ICU numbers are in the single digits where I live.

    Quit trying to scare people Oz. Your recommendations to boost immunity and get healthy is more important. The death rate is
    low and nowhere near what was predicted by the “health experts”. Meanwhile other health experts are being silenced. People die every day of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Look at the causes of death in your area for the last 6 months and COVID does not top the list. And what’s is the average age of death? Close to the mortality rate of human beings. All things to question and consider instead of bowing to the lords in power.

    I’ll take my health into my own hands thanks. No government is going to save me.

  • Abu Huraira says:

    It has been Atleast a year since covid started to spread
    Hopefully well see a proper vaccine very soon

  • R G says:

    I never understood why curfews are supposed to help.

  • BM says:

    Vote Trump Pence to save America. We aren’t in “deep crisis” mode. That foreign lady Dr. is wrong.

  • R G says:

    Democrats never complain about protesting, do they? Yet, they critize Trump peaceful rallys like crazy.

  • dric rlandrlan says:

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  • NATALIE ‘MsCrzySxyCool’ HARRIS says:

    This is ridiculous!! People are taking this thing as a joke!! You can’t laugh when you’re dead.

  • Mayela Sepulveda says:

    I’m from El Paso Texas. We wear masks, social distance but the infections are going up. They blame it on El Pasoans but i see everyone doing their part. 🤷‍♀️ However, many people are coming over from Juarez Mexico. In Mexico’s socialized medicine they require you to pay your portion up front before admitting you. So many are coming over and the ambulances are picking them up and treating them here in U.S. There is still a lot of immigration coming through and many are ill. Also, El Pasoans are great at taking their flu shots. Didn’t Dr. Oz say that flu shots increase the risk of Covid?

    • Joan Lynch says:

      It is not one group or another. If you have a mouth and lungs you are likely to get it at some point.

    • Mayela Sepulveda says:

      @Joan Lynch Seems obvious put what is not obvious is the treatment. All my doctors have told me they are voting for Trump because never in their lifetime has the CDC stopped them from using medicines they know help. Its a crazy time!

  • Joan Lynch says:

    Stay healthy, don’t take chances with your health.

  • E says:

    All the doctors with average 20 – 30 years of experience are stating mask for not protect! Boost immunity through life style is better. No fear induced by media is #1 influence to understand. Self manifestation of disease through mind induced emotions or stress. Truth is healing the people from opresión, control and globalism agenda.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Great Info.

  • bowhartlove says:

    I lost respect for you, how much did you get to join the lie. Hell is hot and liars have their part

  • bowhartlove says:

    Thrombosis ZINK vitamin D vC hot sauce

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