3 Pre-Existing Conditions That Make It Harder to Treat COVID-19

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3 Pre-Existing Conditions That Make It Harder to Treat COVID-19

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  • Tim says:

    great video I really liked it

  • Xero says:

    My husband has type II diabetes and gave up smoking about 12 years ago after smoking for 35 years but doesn’t have respiratory problems. But he has severe progressive MS which makes it harder for him to cough and he has swallowing difficulties and is completely bed-bound. He has been in ICU and resus many times for sepsis and pneumonia he got from what was a mild cold for me.
    He is also blood type A positive and there is some link with Covid-19. Plus he is 60 years old and over-60s are supposedly more at risk, our government says.
    So I think there are other risk factors too.

  • Ayesha Khan says:

    My 10 years old son has diabetes type 1 what should I do to safe him I’m so much worrying about, what should I do to get him stronger immune system please reply

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    I have adhd & Asperger’s syndrome is that a pre existing condition?

  • The Piper's son says:

    Same as seasonal flu

  • joe monroe says:

    like a third of the south has diabetes… maybe this will inspire more people to be more concerned about the food they eat. Though I feel like it still won’t. People are stubborn and lazy.

  • Lynn Real says:

    Hi Dr Oz. What’s your advice about safe grocery shopping to avoid catching the virus?

  • Samantha seman says:

    Have a question what about when mosquitoes start will they transmit the coved-19 through bites between people

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