25 Years After O.J. Was Acquitted Of Killing His Ex-Wife Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron Goldman

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Tanya Brown speaks out about how she and her family have coped with the tragic loss of their sister. Plus, the forensic psychologist who was with the LAPD reveals how he helped O.J. surrender after the infamous Bronco chase.

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  • Connie Crawford says:

    What a travesty !

  • John Nada says:

    Democrats have more than politicized masks at this point.

  • Candy DeGante says:


  • Tori Johnston says:

    And look at him now…. Hopefully he will stay out of the spot light now.

  • Brenda Boetel says:

    Our flu vaccines are from China until we help PRESIDENT Trump change that situation. I will not take a China originated vaccine. Bill Clinton gave them the power to make vaccines for the USA! What the hell?

  • Brenda Boetel says:

    God has Simpson’s #.

  • Rodney Cremeans says:

    Very bad what was done.

  • Lillie Mooney Haven Henson says:

    I’m single and need a lover πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  • Sheila Phillip says:

    Why this 25 yrs old story now?.

  • Sheila Phillip says:

    He was ACQUITTED by the courts of law.

  • Sheila Phillip says:

    What got O. J.. free is Lies of all law
    Enforcement, ( all that had to do law).
    What I’ve come to understand, is that when a crime is committed, the law involved gets very vicious, by wanting to get famous; and they lies, get people to lie, and it turns into a soap opera.

  • Sheila Phillip says:

    Oz; do a show like this on John Ghotti, also.

  • Cynthia Bell says:


  • Dodgers 818 says:

    She was a cheater that’s probably why she was killed

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